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Who Is She

I could go on and on and tell you that I'm a Wife, and Mother, a Sister, former Nurse turned Photographer, and personal trainer
 you can learn all of that from reading my blog.... 

Who am I really?
I'm a twenty something girl (almost 30 shhhhhh!!), who can't get enough of her man in uniform, I'm not "religious"at all, I have a "relationship" with God, I could spend all day kissing on my baby girl's yummy chunky cheek's, but then what kind of wife would I be if I didn't keep up on the house, and at least prepare somewhat of a meal and present it on the table. I like to sweat... or at least that's what I tell myself, when I am coming close to the 10 mile mark, while training for my next big race. Running for me is like therapy, I do my best thinking & praying while Im running.. I even ran until I was 30 weeks pregnant Why? Because running pregnant is badass.. Because I love it.
Honestly I'm addicted..

There's a few things I can't walk away from... one of them being a glass of Reisling, and a good romantic comedy! However being married to a cop.. I usually find myself watching something that involves, Guns, high speed chases, or large explosions.

I love to organize, plan, and make lists.. I live by them. I shop online, am always hunting for a good deal, and have been caught clipping coupons from time to time. I love flip-flops, driving in the springtime with my windows down, and a good facial. I spend way to much time and money on etsy..buying goodies for my little princess. I should wear my glasses way more then I do, and still after 6 years have a hard time getting my contacts in and out smoothly, if I could remember my natural hair color I would tell you about it... but honestly I have not seen it for a long time. 

I hate when kids are expected to act like adults, and cant stand when people try to keep children from all things dirty... They ARE kids.. let them be... No, they wont get sick from playing in the dirt.. if anything they are building immunities... I mean they eat their own boogers for goodness sake, what's a little dirt?

I'm a work from home mama, small business owner, lover of all things domesticated!

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