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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The state of my hair.

I have Long-ish hair, some would say its really long, and then those with really long would say it 's past my shoulders. So what's my issue? Well every since having a baby (3 years ago) My hair of course went through the nasty stage where it falls out like crazy, then new baby hairs grow in, which are obnoxious.. and I treat my hair well, at least I think I do. I take vitamins, eat healthy, use repair treatments, deep conditioning treatments, and products to protect before using heat styling tools. It's just stuck..... it's stuck at this length...

I have VERY thin hair, like too thin for layers or it would look like a rat tail at the bottom, so thin that I have to wash it constantly or it would look dirty because its so flat.... I have a 3 year old let's be honest here wash it constantly means, If I cannot remember the last time I washed it, then I wash it! I get it trimmed regularly. It just wont get past this point... I dream of that rich thick hair that just look gorgeous all the time, that aint happening over here... So I'm trying out extensions for the 3rd time... last two times were EPIC fails. Because my hair is so thin, they just wouldn't stay in, I did keratin tape in, and keratin tabs, but my fabulous stylist friend has told me there is a new technique so we are trying it out on Wednesday, I just would like a few more inches, but really just that healthy thickness. I will update once I get them.

Here is what I am working with right now-

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's on.

A few years ago before I had my daughter I went through a huge body transformation, if you followed me on my old blog then you would have known all about it, thanks to whacko jacko stalker that blog no longer exists :( I have done good at loosing all the baby weight from when I had my daughter but as life got busy, stressful, whatever you name it I gradually put a few back on.. which is pretty sad seeing as how I am a certified fitness trainer (I dont really do much with the cert, I mainly became certified for my own knowledge of health, fitness, and the like). So, all of that to say that Operation bigger shoulders, smaller waist has commenced, I figured if I did it once I can do it again, and last time I lost 50 pounds. Now I don't have that much too loose this time, but I refuse to have another summer come and go that I am not happy with who I am in summer clothing, I want to be proud of me and that includes proud of my body as well. Now don't get me wrong... I realize this body grew a human, and if it never got the way I wanted it, I would forever be grateful to my body for the little miracle I call my daughter, but that doesnt mean I have to settle for less then I know I am capable off...

My 21 day fix is on its way!!!! I am using shakeology about 1 time per day, along with advocare performance products, and lifting... I'm excited to see where this goes, and watch it all tighten up... I could care less what number is on the scale, but I have some super cute jeans I would love to fit back into!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas... etsy style

Of course a holiday could never pass without Emmaline having a personalized holiday shirt or dress. I LOVE anything personalized, and I love Christmas so this one called for more then one... I looked to none other then Etsy to help me find what I was looking for!!!

Here are the two that I got, now lets just cross our fingers and hope that they arrive in time!!!

This one is from jamnjelli 

this one is from sgracedesigns 

Speaking of Etsy...
A friend of mine has opened up an Etsy shop and makes super cute little boy things.. you have to go check it out! 

I mean come one, how stinking cute are those? Check out all the super cute stuff she makes at 

Do you love Etsy? Please tell me about your favorite shop so I can check it out too! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

But, do they really know.

Take a moment and think about one of the most important people in your life? Maybe it's your husband, sister, child, mother, father, friend, whoever. Obviously if they were the first person to pop into your head you most likely care a great deal about them. Now take a moment to think about the last time you told that person you loved them? That memory may have popped into your head just as quickly as the persons name or face.... now take a moment to think about the last time you told them WHY you loved them? Takes a while longer doesn't it? Maybe you are still thinking about it? I'm not talking about the cheap, " I love you because you are mine, or I love you because you make me happy" but a real, true, meaningful answer. Don't worry mine recollections weren't the easiest to pull up.  In fact, you may now be wondering why the memory had to jog back so far to remember. 

This leads me to believe that we have formed a habit, or saying the words "I love you" without having emotion or feeling behind it. Let's think for a moment, of your child, or my child.. does my child know I love her? Well sure, sure she does... but, does she know why? She may have her own generic idea of why, but do I place reassurance in her knowing the reason why she is loved.

What about in the case of a spouse... does my husband know I love him, he certainly does... but is it because I show him my love, or express the emotion or reason behind my love, or do I carelessly use the words "I love you" and hope that that makes a statement.

I wish I knew right now that my husband, my daughter, and family and friends who matter the most to me know why they do.. but I would honestly have to count back many days to get to a point that I followed up a habit formed three word security sentence with more words of meaning... "I love you, because"

Do you ever wonder why you husband no longer does those things that make the butterflies rise up inside of you? Or the moments that leave you breathless? Well, did you recognize the action last time it happened, or did you just offer the reward of "I love you?"

I hope those of you reading this do not take offence to my belittlement of the very powerful words, it's rather the opposite, I know the power those words hold, and yet we throw them around as sentence closers, or to fill empty space, and then over time they begin to loose the very feeling that comes along with them.

Think back with me, if you will, to that moment in time.... you know the one, when the man of your dreams finally said it... "I love you". I bet you can recall many details about that moment in time, where you were, maybe what you were wearing, a scent, a feeling, ...... to took value in those words as you had been waiting months to hear them.

What if those words could still evoke such emotion? What is hearing them would still stop you dead in your tracks, or cause your husband to turn around and your eyes meet, full of communication without any words being spoken. What if everytime your child heard those words they lit up, because you followed them with a reason that made them feel even more special then before?

I clearly realize that love is not always earned, now should you need reasons to love people, and that in many cases love is a decision to love even when the feeling are not there, but maybe by taking a step and adding more meaning to I love you, the feeling would return. 

There are 31 days until the end of the month... thats at least 31 times to tell those whom you love, just WHY you have chosen to love them! Won't you join me on the quest? To make sure that they not only KNOW you love them, but KNOW WHY you do.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Favorites :: A link-up!

I'm joining in with Stacie Rogers Training today for a Friday Favorites Link up... I personally think that she should have put a limit, because I am in such a fantastic mood today, I could go on and on... BUT, I will keep it narrowed to my top 10!

Stacie Rogers Training

1. My sweet girls mouse-y voice.
Lately I have been asking her to repeat random sentences  just because I love the way she says certain words 

2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
{Need I say more?}
3. Last Man Standing re-runs
because who doesn't love Tim Allen

4. Race Training
Ok whatever, so maybe I don't love it, but talking about it like I do makes it sound better

5. Emmaline in her flower girl dress
My sister is getting married in Jan and I just love letting Em try on her dress, it's just too dang cute to let it sit in the closet. 

6. Diet Pepsi
Yep this will be on every weeks favorite list, always has

7. Being a Photographer
Sure, it may not be the road to becoming a millionaire, but I'm truly living the dream.. I have some super great clients, and get to meet new ones all the time, and capture their most important moments

8. My husband
I think I should keep him on this list since he got me "just because" roses last night

9. the old iphone operating system
simply put :: I hate the new one

10. Greys Annatomy
please tell me you spent 2 hours last night watching the premier