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Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Favorites :: A link-up!

I'm joining in with Stacie Rogers Training today for a Friday Favorites Link up... I personally think that she should have put a limit, because I am in such a fantastic mood today, I could go on and on... BUT, I will keep it narrowed to my top 10!

Stacie Rogers Training

1. My sweet girls mouse-y voice.
Lately I have been asking her to repeat random sentences  just because I love the way she says certain words 

2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
{Need I say more?}
3. Last Man Standing re-runs
because who doesn't love Tim Allen

4. Race Training
Ok whatever, so maybe I don't love it, but talking about it like I do makes it sound better

5. Emmaline in her flower girl dress
My sister is getting married in Jan and I just love letting Em try on her dress, it's just too dang cute to let it sit in the closet. 

6. Diet Pepsi
Yep this will be on every weeks favorite list, always has

7. Being a Photographer
Sure, it may not be the road to becoming a millionaire, but I'm truly living the dream.. I have some super great clients, and get to meet new ones all the time, and capture their most important moments

8. My husband
I think I should keep him on this list since he got me "just because" roses last night

9. the old iphone operating system
simply put :: I hate the new one

10. Greys Annatomy
please tell me you spent 2 hours last night watching the premier 

1 comment:

Anastasia said...

thanks for the link up today! I tried the dark side...DIET PEPSI! Ha it won't take over Diet Coke, but it was refreshing :) Love that sweet baby girl!