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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The state of my hair.

I have Long-ish hair, some would say its really long, and then those with really long would say it 's past my shoulders. So what's my issue? Well every since having a baby (3 years ago) My hair of course went through the nasty stage where it falls out like crazy, then new baby hairs grow in, which are obnoxious.. and I treat my hair well, at least I think I do. I take vitamins, eat healthy, use repair treatments, deep conditioning treatments, and products to protect before using heat styling tools. It's just stuck..... it's stuck at this length...

I have VERY thin hair, like too thin for layers or it would look like a rat tail at the bottom, so thin that I have to wash it constantly or it would look dirty because its so flat.... I have a 3 year old let's be honest here wash it constantly means, If I cannot remember the last time I washed it, then I wash it! I get it trimmed regularly. It just wont get past this point... I dream of that rich thick hair that just look gorgeous all the time, that aint happening over here... So I'm trying out extensions for the 3rd time... last two times were EPIC fails. Because my hair is so thin, they just wouldn't stay in, I did keratin tape in, and keratin tabs, but my fabulous stylist friend has told me there is a new technique so we are trying it out on Wednesday, I just would like a few more inches, but really just that healthy thickness. I will update once I get them.

Here is what I am working with right now-


MommyMandy Musings said...

I feel hair will just NOT grow. I feel like I've tried it all! Hope the extensions work out for you!

Tommy Clark said...

I understand your frustration with your thin hair, Sarah. It’s really hard to manage thinner hair when you used to have thick one. Well, I hope your hair extensions will work out this time. Keep us updated, OK? Thanks! :)

Tommy Clark

Anonymous said...

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Tommy Clark said...

It's really hard to achieve the hairstyle that we want if we have thin hair. But thanks to the advanced technology nowadays, there are already solutions to make our hair grow thicker. I hope you’ll be able to find one that will help you achieve your hair goals soon. All the best to, you Sarah!

Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company

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