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Friday, July 23, 2010

the wedding week

My husbands brother is getting married next Saturday on the beach. Yes I'm sure it will be beautiful, however we are in the middle of a HUGE heat wave, I'm talking 105-107 with the heat wave... and I'm due in about 3 weeks... So I'm just not sure how all of this will go. maybe the extreme heat will put me into LABOR (I love typing that, know it's so close).

So tonight are the bachelor/bachelorette parties.. I planned the one for the girls and my husband planned the guys night. I of course will be the designated driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to have dinner at a greek tapas resturant, then out for drinks and dessert.

Sunday night is the final wedding party meeting/dinner with out of town guest's.

Thursday Night is the rehersal


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5th Belle Avenue said...

What a fun week you have coming up!! That is SO exciting! And I can't believe you are so close to your due date!!!

I'm glad you liked my hair do! :) I usually part it on the side and then take my long bangs and twist them back with a bobby pin, adding a little "poof". It's really easy and looks better when it's a little messy, which is PERFECT for on the run.