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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birth Story Part 3

after I was feeling good with the drugs running :-) My mother and my best friend Amanda went out to get something for bfast. Neither one of them knew the area well so I gave the the options of the closest bfast joints... they picked Panera. While they were gone I searched and searched for a mirror so I could put on my make-up.. too bad the only one was in the bathroom and I already had a catheter in place so I had no excuse for why I needed to go to the bathroom.. which by the way... the whole catheter thing.. is.. well... a bit weird. I feel bad for all of my past patients who asked haw bad it is and I would tell them "you don't even know it's there".

I was lying there when I realized the feeling of contractions was returning. I thought to myself "noway I have an epidural I can't feel those".. sure enough I could. I told the nurse and she told me to use my epi pump and get a little bit more, well that did nothing. She came in the room again and I told her that I was really feeling them to the point I had to focus and breath all over agian.. I thought this was why I got the epidural so I didn't have to do all of this. she told me it was just that I was lying on ym side and to switch sides and the meds would go to that side.. Umm yea she lied. It was now 11:45am, the doctor told me at the last time she checked me (6cm) that I would deliver somewhere around 3-5pm. There was no way I could go that long feeling these suckers as bad as they were.

I tried to block it out but then I started to notice alot of pressure below the belt. So I told the nurse.. she said O that is normal.. and I thought to myself.. I worked Labor and delivery that might be normal but usually happens shortly before delivery. so I asked her if she would check me. She gave me the whole ... O your water has been broken we try not to check you too many times to prevent infection... Ummmm thats not what I wanted to hear. The pressure got worse almost like I really needed to go to the bathroom. So I asked again, she looked at me like "your a first time mom and don't know what your talking about". So she said she would check me, as soon as she went to do so... she said "O-Boy.. your fully dialted.. and I see the head".

Uhhh- ya think.. I been telling her that something was going on for a while now. She said I'm going to get the doctor and will be RIGHT BACK... again.. another lie. She didn't return for about 10 min. I looked at my husband and said "you better grab a pair of gloves cuz I'm gonna start pushing OK"... He got a bit white, then I told him.... "Seriously... I said that so you would hit the hurse button". The nurse came in and I told her you better not leave this time, and where is the Doctor. At that point I realized not only was the doctor missing but so was My mom, Amanda, and the photographer (don't worry she wasn't taking anything up close and personal).

My husband called my mom, who was lost trying to find her way back to the hospital, and then called the photographer. The nurse told me the doctor ran home for a bit and was on her way back.


The nurse started breaking down the bed, and I told her I needed to push... just then in came my mom, amanda, photographer.. still no doctor.

I grabbed my knees (by that I mean someone handed them to me since I coudln't move the cement blocks.. or so they felt from the epi) put my chin to my chest.. just then the doctor walked in the door.

It was GO TIME. I took the deepest breath I could and then pushed like it was my job. as soon as I finished that one the doctor said agian... so I did. It's funny they alsways love to count to ten like this 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,10. So really they should just count to 20. I pushed 3 more times when I head the doctor say Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't push... all of the sudden I heard it .. The cry, the one that makes your heart melt.. she was here. they placed her on my chest, her scrunched up body and head full of dark hair.. was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. At that point who cared that i had been in labor for almost 40 hours, and that I looked a mess, and everybody in the room was getting a full view of way more of me they have ever seen.. I was a mama now,,,,, and she was the best thing that was ever mine.


Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

Yay!! Glad you spaced it all out, I loved looking forward to the next post and the next part of her story. So happy for you girl! She's beautiful!

Jen Watts said...

I really enjoyed reading your birth story...I guess everyone's story is different but one thing is the same and its always that that first cry is the most beautiful music you'll ever hear :)

5th Belle Avenue said...

I can't believe your story!! That is incredible! I can't believe that your contractions weren't showing up on the monitor and I can't believe that you felt SO much with your epi. She is so precious and I am SO glad everything went well. Congrats Mama!