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Monday, October 18, 2010

That Day

You know the day I'm talking about, the one you think about when your 9 months preggo, and put it to the back burner because you think it will never actually come. The day where you leave your precious tiny possibly still connected with an umbilical cord baby with the nanny and close the door behind you not to return for .. O I don't know 10 hours.

well that day was today. It wasn't as bad as it thought, and I'm sure I took it harder them Em... but it had to happen sometime. Thankfully my mom watched her for the first half of the day and her father watched her in the afternoon. I did however run into a little mishap...

I went to grab lunch and figured I would pump while I was out... I was working on a military base today, and parked at the far end of the parking lot to the commissary. I never really paid much attention to the lot but there is usually cars in and out of the main lot but the end looked more like a park and ride.

I pulled up next to an RV and what looked like an abandon car. Set up my dairy farm milk machine.. courtesy of medela, and went to town. I forgot my nursing cover but just pulled my sweater around the bottle, I have VERY dark tinted windows so its not too bad.

Before I could even think about it there was a man knocking on my window, I rolled it down just a crack and he said " I would like to buy your car.. how much?".. I thought to myself Are you kidding.. here I am with my breast a bit exposed being contorted into what some have sweetly called a breast pump.. I call it the breast destroyer. The man then looked at what I was doing and turned away. I was so embarrassed. I said " I don't understand why your asking this".. he walked away pointing to a sign that said

Used Car Resale Lot
All parked cars for sale by owner
Contact information displayed in windshield
Nice... real Nice

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Jen Watts said...

oh no!! hilarious though! I have not started pumping yet, but right now I'm afraid company will come and I'll answer the door with my boob out!

Carsyn is wearing babylegs leg warmers in the newborn size and mud pie socks.

I'm sure going back to work is difficult but I'm sure your baby girl will be just fine. I'm going Thursday and Friday this week..we'll see how it goes