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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like a milkin' machine

WARNING!!!!!!! If your not comfortable chattin bout breastfeeding b**bies then you may want to pretend I didn't post today and wait until tomorrow's post to resume reading... Just Sayin'

As much as I love this little sweetpea of mine she sure has turned me into quite the Milkin' Machine. She eats every two hours pretty much on the dot, unless she falls asleep and sleeps until about the two and a half hour mark. A soon as she wakes up she drops an atomic cry bomb until she gets the b**b. She doesn't spend much time there though, she's really a snacker... She may be every two but it's only for about 8-10 minutes max. She stays just to one side there's no switching here until the next feeding.. it's a bit like Verizons "new every two" plan!

I hate to complain though when I think back to her first week home it took her a good 45-50 minutes to empty the girls out, Whew no wonder I GOT. NOTHING. DONE. We quickly had to work on that and have ever so gracefully brought that down to 8 minutes on average, and that's all business. When she is done, that's just it WE ARE DONE, this ain't no all night buffet.

Then there is the issue of um... shall we say , night feeding transitioning. The period of time where you go from your child waking every 2-3 hours throughout the night to nurse, to them sleeping for a good 7 hours or even all through the night. I know your thinking "why on earth is this chick going on about her child finally sleeping through the night, would most people be thrilled." Well while I was beyond thrilled that I could get more then 3 hours straight sleep in a night, the milk factory never got the "slow the production memo".

There is something to be said about going from once Lovely lady lumps to now Massive mommy mounds and it's not something Victoria secrets is interested in, no not at all. So now my child is sleeping going on 6 hours I'm waking up with cement blocks on my chest wondering what on earth I'm going to do with 2 gallons of b**bie juice? I would stand over her crib crying just hoping that she might... possibly.. just wake up and help me loose my Pam Anderson look alikes, but also thinking how it's wonderful that she is finally sleeping through the night.

I remembered reading that when this transition period came to NOT get up to pump in the night, that doing so would only cause my body to think that my sweet little angel was drinking it and to keep producing it. So I resisted the urge to just break out the old medela and work that thing like it was my job. I actually did pump just enough to relieve the pressure one night, when I really thought I was headed in the direction of the M word. Nope been there once already during this milk makin journey and I wasn't about to do that again.

Things started to even out if ya know what I mean, Baby girl was now going to sleep at 7:15pm and sleeping until 3:30, wake up to eat, then back down and up to eat again at 6. Yea maybe the Le Leche nightmare was over, or so I thought. Until one day just this past week actually, I fed her, prayed for her, put her to bed. I had done all of the normal things I do every night, then I went to bed, knowing as soon as I finally fell asleep she would sound off the b**bie time alert.


I woke around 7:30am, not at all to the sound of a hungry babies cry but instead to another episode of milk gone wild......I didn't realize that this was the first time my sweet girl had slept straight through the night without waking up to eat at all.... no that's not what I woke up thinking....

you see my friends..........................................

I had milked the bed...

Cute, real cute.

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Jennie said...

I am so sorry for your pain and suffering, but also extremely jealous your baby sleeps through the night. Mine has yet to do that. She still wakes up every 3 hours. SO frustrating.