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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your co-pay is...

That's the words I have been hearing over and over again, since our sweet angel was born. This poor girl has been to the pediatrician more times then i can count on both hands and she is only 9 weeks old.

We have bought so many prescriptions, tried many over the counter options, and said so many prayers.

The past week has been the worst of it all, Emmaline had her two month shots and had a horrible reaction to them and ever since then has not been the same the past three days is when it got HORRIBLE.

My girl stopped eating!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so worried, she would just scream and scream when i tried to feed her, after about 30 calls to the doctor, and a trip back to the office she is on yet another medication to control her now out of control reflux...... it seems to be working now...

She is actually keeping this one down and has started eating again. Praise the Lord

Hopefully this will be the end of this stressful, sceaming/crying, constantly worried period.

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Jen Watts said...

I know you must be stressed about the reflux and I'm sure everyone is giving you their opinion, but my little nephew was completely over his really quick..hang in there :)
and as another breastfeeding mother might I just say give yourself a pat on the back!