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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I can't be the only one

I walk out of the bedroom, and there is the package sitting on the couch, I didn't accept the package from the delivery man, nor pick it up from the mailbox. My husband walks by and points to the package "I guess my christmas present from XYZ came in today".

Are you kidding me?!?!
I think that during the Christmas shopping season, for those who choose to do online shopping, the stores should offer an option upon checkout... that would remove the store name from the package.. so that if the recipient of the gift should happen to see the package they wouldn't know based on where its from .. just what it is.


armywife_b2010 said...

You are right they should have an option to take the name of the company off if its a gift.
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Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

I know what you mean! Last year Adam only knew he was getting one big present, until the gamestop box showed up. Two days later he was out buying himself 360 games and accessories. Stupid shipping labels! This year I bought everything in store, mainly because I hardly bought anything because I'm letting him upgrade his golf clubs. Ha! Easy shopping year for me!

Jen ( said...

Argh!!! That's so frustrating.