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Monday, December 20, 2010

Maybe I'll just climb in the crib????

For almost a year they were nuzzled inside, nice and warm, lulled to sleep by constant movement, and the soothing sound of momma's heartbeat. They spend spend a few short days tightly swaddled inside of a possibly heated incubator, only to come home to a co-sleeping bed, or a snuggly bassinet right next to mom. While in that bassinet they are usually swaddled and placed between a sleep positioner or rolled up blankets, and possibly even rocked back and forth. Then at whatever time parents decide is right they are moved into the crib....a whole new world of smells, sounds, textures, and most of all being ALONE.

I'm not sure about your baby but my almost 4 month old who was moved to her crib at 2 weeks old, will still upon being placed in her crib while very much in a deep sleep, throw her arms and legs out and realize this place feels nothing like the womb, and is really not even comfy(have you ever felt just how firm crib mattresses are?) and with all these bars pretty much resembles a jail cell.

I have tried to "fix up" our crib so much so that it would fail every standard safe crib testing by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Child Safety committee . We may or may not have crib bumpers that go all the way around, some of our favorite lovies, a crochet blanket, and up until she developed thunder thighs and became to big a ...wait for it....sleep positioner....(gasp)!!!!!!!!!!! None of that seems to be enough to make her feel cozy, and honestly I don't blame her one bit. I mean think about it it would be like you and I going from always heated, perfect fit, o so snug as a bug ..waterbed . to being wrapped up inside a fuzzy sleeping bag and laid on a sleep number bed, to then being dropped on a cot in central booking.....just doesn't sound right.

I think there needs to be some type of transition or removable graduating system that can be placed in a crib for a few months to help it not feel so foreign? After speaking to a few other moms I know that I am not alone on this thinking .... so why hasn't something been invented? Some nights after going in there for the tenth time to pat her back and make her feel comfortable while I straining to hold my eyes open and leaning on the crib to keep from falling over I can't say the thought has never crossed my mind... you know the thought of "Hmmm I know there is a weight limit??? But maybe I should just crawl in the crib"..... Ahhhh that will be the day.


Lindsey said...

Does she sleep on her back or her belly? Connor is a belly sleeper. He slept in his swing the first month and then transitioned to his crib for just naps and then finally all the time. He was sleeping there by two months, but not until we discovered he was a belly sleeper. Oh, and swaddling? We didn't do that once we were home from the hospital. Parents of the year over here! If she is on her back, maybe try having her sleep on her belly? From what I have read it really is more comfortable for reflux babies to sleep that way. Just a thought. Good luck and I hope it gets better. There is nothing worse than middle of the night wakings by a child who won't/can't sleep. Connor has been waking up screaming bloody murder. Damn teething.

Jen Watts said...

Well Carsyn loves to be swaddled and is fine with her crib for nighttime, but naps are a different story..I make her pack and play extra snuggly with blankets....I know "they" say you aren't supposed to do this but I keep and eye on her and she's not really rolling far as crawling in her crib with her, you my dear look pretty tiny so I bet you could!! My MIL swears she did it!