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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mommy thoughts...

I'm making my first HOMEMADE batch of babyfood

If your child has not pooped for a day or so... when they do.. watchout...I learned this today.

no matter how many times you ask your crazy neighbor (who's house and your house share a wall)...if they could keep it down just a bit.... they will still wake your baby
EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. about an hour after she falls asleep. Seriously?!?!

I think it gross when strangers try to touch my child... or when "crazy lady" in chickfila asked if she could hold her... ummmm... how many ways can I say this.. NO!!!!

Why in the world doesnt the baby monitor have enough battery life to make it through the night?

My incredible husband who other then him sleeping in the spare bedroom of my
house (no he's not sleeping in there cuz he's in the doghouse or anything, he would sleep in our bedroom but her sleeps during the day since he works at night, then I wouldnt be able to go in our bedroom)I have not seen in a week.. left me momma & baby roses on the kitchen table to wake up to.

as sweet as it is... the days following my mother babysitting E, she expects me to rock her
to sleep for her naps like gammy did all day... and well.. I dont do that.. hence the sleep training/learning how to fall asleep on your own bit.

I ordered Valentines day cards with pics of my sweet girl on them.

Sweetpea is going to be one of 100 babies to be professionally photographed to be in a "angel baby" calendar sold worldwide!!!!!

Even though I do really miss my husband since I dont see him that much... since I sleep by myself in our bed for 6 nights straight then he comes home for 3, then gone
again for 6 (you get the picture) I have a hard time falling asleep when he is there cuz Im not used to it... sharing the bed that is... I kinda feel a little cramped... 'Just sayin ~love ya babe

Recently found a new "favorite Cheap wine".. Funf 5 Reisling... love it.. and at $6/bottle I can love it alittle more often.

Just bought baby sweetpea a "baby's 1st valentines day outfit".. complete with a pink tutu!

I feel like I may be saying these words shortly " Hi my name is Mrs. Stethoscope, and I have takinphotosofmychild addiction"... just as soon as I find a "meeting" to go to.. hey they say admitting it is the first step right?

Speaking of photos....
19 weeks


Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Look at that smile ♥

Jen Watts said...

Love seeing your baby girl's pictures :)
Will have to try that wine!

Jennifer said...

How did the baby food making go? We made sweet potatoes last night and Sawyer loved them!

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

I personally love all the pictures of E! Keep shooting mama! Plus, your photography skills can only get better with all that practice!