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Thursday, January 13, 2011

O but they are sooo not sweet.

Whats not sweet you ask? I would love to tell you, however its because of those sweet things that I am half asleep at 2:30 in the afternoon typing this... half asleep because I was up all night.. because of those SWEET things.

I decided to start E on "some" solids, just a few since the milkies are just not keeping up with the demand. Well of course we followed the AAP's recommendations for starting with rice cereal... and well that didnt last long she just spit it back at me... Why did I ever teach her how to do raspberries???? They were really cute until we added the food to it. Im sure when I was showing off her new (trick) to friends they were thinking "haha... just wait till your wearing those raspberries" while smiling and saying just how cute it was.

I read that there is no real research that shows starting with a grain is any better/worse then starting with a fruit or veggie, so we opted for them .... those flippin' SWEET taters...

Of course my darling girl thought they were great and ate them like a champ, and at the time we were both thinking.. sure these things are pretty sweet...

That is of course until sometime around 0'dark thirty.. when I was making my hmm maybe 23rd trip to her room after hearing her screaming out of nowhere over the baby monitor.

Once I got to her room I could tell that something was wrong, she was tossing and turning, arching her back, and SCREAMING

I tried everything, rocking, bouncing, nursing, singing... NOTHING seemed to work...She would finally fall asleep and I would put her in her crib and about 20 minutes later... more screaming.

She was pulling her legs up into her tummy.. So I figured she was gassy.. I massaged her tummy, bicycled her legs, prayed for her, put her back to sleep... only to do it all over again in another half hour, ... of course while cursing those stinkin' evil spuds.

The night seemed to go on forever.. and I started to wonder how on earth I ever pulled "all nighters" in college....seriously??? I should have bottled the energy I had then and stored it away to be used now.

Today seems to be a little bit better.. I of course started googling (since we all know google NEVER lies) my SP concern... and what would I find.. A bunch of mommies saying the same thing... screaming at night, gassy, thrashing.

Of course I know it wasn't my fault however I still get that nasty.."I'm a bad mom" feeling in the pit of my stomach....especially since the first 5 times she was crying in bed I checked on her and let her cry it out {gasp} I know I know.. at that point I thought she just didn't want to be in her bed.

Lesson learned..... those who claim to sweet, may not always be what they seemed.


Jen Watts said...

gosh, its just awful when they cry! I think this whole starting babies on food thing is HARD...when to start, how much, managing their little tummy issues...I'm sure however Em was just too cute eating those sweet potatoes

Ashley Paige said...

oh, mama.. sorry those taters hurt her sweet little tummy! maybe you can make it up to her with some... 'nanas. :) those are C's fave fruit, second to pears.. both should be fairly gentle on her belly. Or, just stick with the tried and true rices and milkies. :) Poor sweet girl!! Hugs to you, too!