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Thursday, February 17, 2011

it looks like the toy store exploded

I never really thought that we would be able to fit so much stuff into our house, I mean we live in a 3 bedroom CONDO for cryin out loud, with very little closet space. I kinda thought we were already at maximum capacity before we had the baby but now... now there is ZERO room left. However we still manage to keep buying baby toys, teethers, and more baby gear.

Shortly after Christmas we got the Rainforest Jumperoo, and loved it.. little miss has finally learned how to actually jump in, instead of just stand and stare!

We recently got the Fisher Price Fun With Friends Musical Table from CSNstores, and so far we love it. as soon as it came in (just 3 days after ordering it) we pulled it out of the box, there was really no assembly, and the batteries were already installed (O how I love toys that come with batteries). The table can sit right on the ground for sitters, or has attachable legs for standers. Obviously we are still at the assisted sitting phase.. however she is right there, Im wondering when she will sit on her own.. she can do it for a few seconds. I sat it in front of E and you would have thought it was her first time trying cotton candy, she was smiling and laughing, ad hitting all of the buttons.

The musical table has 4 different play areas, a phone, a laptop, a book, and a small piano. Everything lights up, and makes sound. It has many different settings, even one that will teach your child spanish (that's if dora, diego, and handy manny haven't already done so) . It has an ABC learning setting, along with a musical setting. However baby sweet pea is mostly interested in seeing how mater proof it is.. by drooling and sucking on it.

This activity table teaches letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and some early 1st words. However E has made sure the table knows she already has "DaDa" covered! It has over 40 different songs and sounds. I am very happy we were able to get this Activity Table from CSN stores, and excited to see how much fun E gets out of it. The great thing is that since the legs come off it can travel easily too with summer vacay coming up (can you believe it!!!!) and traveling to visit grandparents.

Fisher Price Fun With Friends Musical Table

I was not paid to say any of this, these are my honest opinions after trying the product. I was however given this item (of which I only paid shipping) by CSN stores to review.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to CSNstores for giving me the chance to review this fantastic product!

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