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Friday, March 11, 2011

6 Months

Whaaaaaat? Can we slow down the growing train, momma can't handle this.. I mean really wasnt it just yesterday I was sitting on the couch timing my contractions.. and then Wham.. she not even an infant anymore. These first 6 month have flown by.. however there have been many nights including but not limited to teething & ear infections that it felt like an eternity until we would hit the 6 month mark. But here we are!
Celebrating your 6 month birthday
Since you and your Aunt M share the same birthday we celebrated both of your "half" birthdays last week at Gammy's house. Momma even went to the dairy free bakery and got a cupcake so she could you could enjoy some icing.

You are Mommy & Daddy's world, we love nothing more then being with you and watching you grow, you are truly God's special gift to us. Over the past month you have really grown up so much, you are sitting on your own (which your pediatrician was very surprised by), you also have been saying Da-Da for about a months now, you no longer want to drink out of your sippy.. if you see someone drinking out of a big cup you fuss until they share it with you and I've got to say.. your pretty good at it. 

You have become such a happy baby.. really you have. When you were younger you were very fussy all the time, due to the severity off your reflux, but now that it's under control (most of the time), you are smiles all day long. You pretty much only fuss when it's nap time or your hungry.. other then that you are talking up a storm.. girlfriend.. your gonna need the unlimited minutes plan cuz you sure have alot to say, and if we are not giving you our attention you say it LOUDER until we do. You love to laugh.. especially when momma makes funny faces, or talks in high pitch minnie mouse voices. Daddy makes you laugh alot at night when he is getting you ready for a bath, you are so ticklish, and recently we found that if he lightly rubs the palm of your hand on his chin when he has a bit of stubble you find it very funny. Your not much a cuddler, you like to sit on our lap and watch tv but don't even think about trying to put you in our bed in the morning.. no way.

You nurse about every 3-4 hours, but if we are out somewhere and you are excited to watch everything going on you wont nurse at all. You also eat 2-3 solid meals a day and are doing very good with it, your favorites are pears, butternut squash, and bananas. We have found that you like prunes only now and then, and you turn your head to peaches. We have also started baby mum mums and you do great with them.. 

As much as momma would like, you still have not mastered the sleep thru the night game, but thats ok. You wake twice to eat and then go right back to sleep. We put you to bed around 7pm and you wake up for the day around 7am... some mornings you surprise us and sleep in until 8. Your a great napper.. you take 2-3 naps a day, some days better then others but usually you will sleep for 1-2 hours sometimes your afternoon nap is almost 3 hours. 

You have a deep love for anything cloth right now. When I give you a bath I have to put 2 wash clothes in the bathtub, one to wash you wish and one for you to chew on. You love chewing on the wet paper towel that I wipe your face with after you eat, your taggie blanket, your burp clothes, and your blanket. You would spend the entire day in your jumperoo if we let you, and boy do you get that thing going. You also love to dance with mommy to music in the afternoon, and you really love walk in the park on the few nice days we have been able to enjoy!

You have learned to sit on your own, stand when holding onto something, and put your paci back in your mouth in the middle on the night! You also got another tooth this month. 
Weight 16.8lbs
Height 26 inches
That puts you right around the 65% for height and weight
You still wear size 3 diapers, and fit into some 3-6 month clothing, but most are 6 month. 

We Love You Baby Girl!


Molly said...

So sweet! This makes me miss the baby stage :( Enjoy every minute, it really goes by WAY too fast!

P.S. My youngest didn't sleep through the night until around 11 months. She could not seem to break the 4am nursing, looking back I should have treasured that time more.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Cheryl E. said...

I love your cupcakes with candle idea...perfect for pics. Very sweet.

Steph said...

Happy half birthday!!! We celebrate those too!


Traci said...

My little one will be 6 months in a few weeks and I just really can't believe it either. Sometimes I catch myself saying, "I just had a baby" but really it's been a half of a year since I had a baby.

Jen Watts said...

Happy six months sweet baby Em!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, how sweet! Happy 6 months!

Gina said...

Thanks for your e-mail! Glad I'm not alone too!
And good for your (adorable) baby girl for saying dada G is apparently a late talker...I keep saying he makes his SLP mama look bad! Ha!

Erin said...

Just came back to compare our babies stats- they are pretty close! Aubrielle is a little longer, and more like 50% for weight. You must be feeding baby E some good stuff! :)