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Monday, March 28, 2011

March Madness Healthy Eating UPDATE

Remember back at the beginning of the month when I told you all about our March Madness Healthy Eating Challenge.
1st wk. No fried foods
2nd wk. No fried foods, no sweets
3rd wk. No fried foods, no sweets, nothing to drink but water
4th wk. all of the above and a salad everyday.

Well we car coming to the end of them month, how are we doing? well pretty good, we had one failed attempt, no we didnt break the rules, BUT, we did eat mcdonalds cheeseburgers two nights in a row, so as punishment for our sins we have decided to extend the challenge one more week, into the first week of march.

So far husband has lost 11 pounds (Men, they always loose it so fast. HATE.THAT.) and I have lost 3 pounds!

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