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Friday, March 25, 2011

O so thats where they come from.

While at a cookout, while I was pregnant with E, I had the following convo with our pastors 4 year old son, who's mother was also pregnant at the same time.
I am Pink He is Blue

When do you fink I will getta see the baby in yours belly?
Soon, just a few more weeks and she will be out.
Why tant I jus see hers right now?
Well she is not done growing, she needs to get a little bit bigger first.
Bigger as mines mommy's baby in hers belly
Actually my baby is bigger then the one in your mommas belly and will be here much sooner then hers
OOOO yea dat's why yours so much fatter then mines mommy.
(Thinking: Your lucky your 4 kid)
Ten I come to the day your baby comes out?
Well, I wish you could but I don't think the doctors will let you.
But how does the baby come out?
(Thinking: Great, why are you asking me couldn't you have asked your mother)
You go to the hospital and the doctor helps it come out
Come out where?
Out of my belly.
Yea but how does it comes out of dere
(Thinking: think...think...think..what to say)
O wait my grammy said that when she had my mom, she did not have to get hers belly cut like mines mom did, will you have to get your belly cut?
I don't know, the Doctor will decide
Well if there is no cut in your belly then there has to be a hole somewhere that it comes out of wite?
Yes, thats right it comes out of a hole.
(with his eyebrows raised) Do you have a hole?
(Thinking: O my Lord, somebody please shoot me now///while I pretended not to hear it)
Can I see da hole?
You know let's just wait and see what the doctor says, you never know how it will come out until that day.
(With a concerned look) O When you see the knife go in yours belly you will know.

I was very ready for this convo to be over over so I suggested we go see if the burgers were done.. thats when he walked over an tapped my very much so "popped" belly button and said:

Found it
Found what?
Yours hole.


Erin said...

hahahahaha...oh that made my morning

Susie said...

OMG I was laughing uncontrollably. That's amazing! I actually posted weird-kid-convos on my blog this morning too. Your wins though! Hands down!

GirlVsKitchen said...

LAUGHING OUT LOUD SO HARD!!!!! OMG!!!! hilarious!

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA LOVE this! So glad I wasn't in on that conversation though! :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

this is classic! This reminds me of when my 3.5 year old asked me where she came from...I blogged it here: