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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summer Clothes.... I've got my eye on

Can you believe it, though it may not feel like it outside yet, summer really is on its way. Now for some of you that means you just pull out all the summer clothes from last year... if thats you raising your hand.. good for you. Me on the other hand, while some of those clothes from last summer will still be fine... my mom body may need some new clothes you know to hide the areas that still need toning accentuate the positives.

When it comes to swimwear I have always been pretty true to Victoria Secret, I have also learned that if there is a swim suite I really like this year but its a bit pricey it will most likely be on clearance next summer. Here are the ones Im thinking about for this year.
Polka dot banded halter and low rise bottom

Wireless push up halter & bikini style bottoms

Until I feel comfortable in a bathing suit again, I will be rocking this beach cover-up!
The Beach Dress cover-up
What else am I loving for summer.. well Im glad you asked

J Crew Chambray Eyelet Skirt

If only this dress wasn't $325... so not a SAHM budget friendly dress

Gallerista Party Dress

7fam bootcut x-long in mercer

AE crochet detail racer

And just a little something to drool over, that will never ( at $595) make it to my closet unless someone else buys it....

I just love this color
Christian Louboutin 


Erin said...

you have good taste! I bought several VS Bikinis for our honeymoon...but there was a hurricane the entire week- and I didn't get to wear ANY of them. Disaster.

Anna said...

I wish we lived closer so you can come & help me pick clothes! I never know what to get & usually end up just frustrated or with nothing!!! You have great taste:)

californiadreamin said...

Love that 1st bikini and the cover up :)

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

Oh I love making wishlists and wardrobing! I'm totally coping your post idea when I have a real computer again! Ann Taylor has peep toes the same color, just regular leather for $178, a little better! And I'm a loyal VS bathing suit girl too.

McDancer said...

VS has some of the cutest dresses and bathing suits for summer! It's so hard not to want to go crazy spending on their site.

Gina said...

Love those suits...and the jeans too!

J and A said...

Good choices! Love the swim suits. Come on sunny weather!

Shannon said...

Jcre stole my heart!!! But I can't even think about bathing suits!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that first bathing suit choice!