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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Tomorrow is the big day

E's Surgery is scheduled for 7:20

I think I'm Nervous, of course I am... I'm her momma

I'm actually more nervous about how she will act when she wakes up and I cannot feed her.
I wonder how upset thats going to make her?

Excited? Well yes, In a way I am.. She will not be in pain anymore

I am excited to see how well she sleeps tomorrow night, once all of the pressure is relieved.


I think she must know I was a bit worried, and so she gave me a special surprise tonight.. I was in the bathroom taking off my make-up, and brushing my teeth. She kept looking down the hallway for me, and I heard her making the noises she makes when she is looking for someones attention.. I obviously wasn't giving her enough.. so as I was about to turn off the light an walk out.. I heard...


I jumped out of the bathroom and yelled for the hubs.. "did she just say momma?".. He said he thought he heard her too.. I walked over to her and said.."Say Momma".. She started mimicking my mouth movements, with a huge grin on her face.. "Say Momma".. I said it again.

She looked up at me with a huge cheesy smile.. and ... she said it.

Her new favorite "spot"
Don't look at the messy sheets that are not smooth..


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I hope everything goes ok! I'm sure it will!

Cheryl E. said...

Aww good luck. Keep us posted.

Jen Watts said...

Good luck! Momma!!!!!!!!! How exciting! Can she give Miss Carsyn a lesson??

californiadreamin said...

Good luck, keeping you guys in my prayers!!

Jen said...

Good luck Thinking of you all!!

PS Love the new blog design :)

Traci said...

Oh wow, how exciting that she said Momma! Good luck with the surgery.

Anonymous said...

How exciting that she said Momma!!! Praying everything goes well today!