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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Final Blog sale of the season

This is the final blog sale post, then everything is going to the consignment store, so I can make room for my new mom hips wardrobe. You know how this works, leave a comment or email me at Shipping is $5 with additional add on items $2 shipping.

Jcrew Vintage Matchstick "busted" jeans 
Size: 25S

Black boutique dress 
(ribbon is light pink)

Victoria Secret
Grey lounge pants

Apostrophe size 9

Studio 1940 $10
*only worn a few times*

Predictions $7

Carters NWT 3pc outfit

Zinc by Victoria Secret
brown gaucho pants

Gap long & lean 8L


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Good luck selling stuff -- great finds!!

Shelze said...

Is the carters set still available? I found your blog through the poop whisperer blog. I am also a child you had tubes placed in my ears. I had it done twice. Your daughter will be fine and will finally get the break that you so long for her to have.