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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a lifesaver


I know some bloggers have talked about their hate for these little pieces of plastic & netting, and to each their own, I for one.. and in awe of them.

If you follow me on twitter (@mrsstethoscope) you have heard that E is cutting
her top tooth(this will be her third tooth).

It has been a real nightmare rollercoaster,
to say the least. 

Girlfriend has been chewing on EVERYTHING
we went out to grab a bite to eat the other day,
thank goodness I had a

 with us
she was literally biting the side of the table to a good 10 minutes.

The one thing that seems to ease her gum pain,
and keep her very occupied
while also letting her feel like "Miss Independent" 

We love this thing. Seriously!!!!

Every night after dinner while she is still in her highchair
we give it to her.
Usually its filled with a piece of peeled apple, or pear.
However I quickly learned that she prefers it to be frozen.

It actually leaves a tiny red rash around her mouth
because its cold... but SHE LOVES IT.

She chews on it until it turns to mush and then sucks 
on the mush until there is really nothing 
left inside the netting.

We are going to try adding new fruits/veggies 
over the next few weeks. 

About a month ago she actually had her first
"REAL tantrum" when I took it from her, 
only to refill it.

She freaked out, cried like she just got stung by a bee.

Do you have a favorite teething/occupying/chewonthissomommycanblog tip?


Ashley Paige said...

we swear by those cheap-o frozen teether rings. I scooped up three or four of them from Walmart for maybe $5 and keep them in the freezer at ALL times. C loves them. He can finally hold them and will literally sit there and gnaw on it until it's thawed. We usually go through each one twice throughout the day! Motrin and Hyland's gel have also been our lifesavers! Hugs! Teething is certainly NOT for sissies!! :)

Megan said...

My kids loved ice cold/half frozen baby wash cloths! My youngest is not full on teething yet, so we aren't sure what she will prefer, or at least what will help ease her pain. I will have to go buy the mesh feeder and give it a try!

Momma StJ said...

I'm glad you posted this. I had seen them online, and read very mixed reviews so didn't get them. Then yesterday a friend suggested them too. I think we may have to try them...Though I don't know if she is really 'teething' yet or not!

Anna said...

Oh...we always do frozen peas...they are small enough that they don't choke & can pick them up & chew right on the area that hurts the worst! Neither of my kids liked the texture of the mesh feeder (though I wish they would have!)

Rebecca said...

Got it, and love it! That mesh feeder was a lifesaver for me! I was not crazy about cleaning the food out of it but it gave me just enough time to make lunch for the bigger kids. Great teether too.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'll have to pick some of these up for my uncle's wife. She's expecting and will eventually need them!

Katie said...

I bought one this weekend! Can't wait to try it on my teething boy ;)