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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Looking for deals

Since money has been kinda tight around here
I have been searching for deals at
local consignment stores
we have tons around here.

Want to see what I got



we needed  something to hold the toys

was brand new still in box $11


Cheryl E. said...

Sweet! I love consignment shops I always find something C has to have..haha. or at least I think he has to have.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I love a good consignment sale. You can find such amazing deals!

Shannon Dew said...

You got that toy box for $18!? That's awesome!!!!

Jen Watts said...

great deals!!

Momma StJ said...

what great finds! I want to be a Consignment store owner when I grow up...but who knows when that will be :)

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

I LOVE consignment shopping!!!!! I just found a brand-new, $120 tags-still-on Jones of NY dress for $30!!!

MrsMcDancer said...

Love the piece to hold toys. Great deals!

Rebecca said...

Cute, cute, cute. Happy Easter Weekend to you and yours!!

Meg said...

Those are all excellent finds! I love that toy chest.

CookingwithVictoria said...

I LOVE the toy chest! I would use it to hide some throw blankets I have all around the living room! :)