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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Party of three... or maybe more?

The hubs, E, and myself went out to eat 
a few days ago at Outback.
 E was in a highchair eating some puffs, 
while we were chatting over the drink menu. 

The restaurant was pretty crowded for a weeknight
they were running on a 30 minute wait time to be seated.
So needless to say we were eager to eat our meal
and chill after waiting for a while.

As we were sitting there
a young-ish girl (13?)
was running behind an even younger girl (2?)
back and fourth from their table
which was a few behind ours to the bathroom.

The first few times they past
the little girl just giggled and screamed
and would motion to E and say "Baby!"

Then our food got delivered to our table
we were eating, and enjoying the evening
when what do you know the 2 girls are back
but this time they decided to stop at our table

The older girl picked up the younger girl
and brought her close to E, saying "See the baby"
and the little girl would giggle.
I however was not giggling

She was cute and all, but I already entertain one
 "non english communicator" all day
I really don't need another one at dinner 
who is a stranger to us.

The two girls continued back and fourth in the isle 
and would keep stopping at our table.

At this point I was getting very annoyed, the first couple times
I would smile, and say hi to the small girl
but now, I mean come on.. 
we are trying to have dinner
and for realz where are your parents kid??

The final time they stopped at our table
they tried "petting" my daughter..
lets get a few things straight here

We came out to a restaurant to enjoy dinner 
just the three of us, 
and while I realize this place is full of other people
they are not crowding my table
If you guys keep coming back 
there prolly gonna add you to my tab.

The thought kept crossing my mind
as to where... are your parents.
I would never let my child frequent the table of strangers 
at a public place
it's weird
it's rude
and it's annoying

and possibly the most important
While I am flattered you think my child
is adorable and I'm perfectly fine with 
you talking to her.
Please DO NOT ever think it is ok 
to touch her, and also petting?!?!
thats what you do to a cute puppy dog, 
or a newborn kitten
NOT to my 7 month old
and especially NOT with your
sticky ketchup hands and snot on your face. 

I'm a germaphobe who hates when random people just
touch my child.
I felt the same way about the whole thing when I was pregnant
regarding the whole
"touching the belly"
I just don't understand it
No you cannot touch my belly
and no you cannot touch my child.



Mrs. Mama said...

hahaaaa totally agree

Jen said...

Oh my gosh I would be SO annoyed! Totally understand

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I would have lost my shiz. I can't deal with that.