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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She's Growing

E is almost 8 months old...

Just seeing that while typing is enough 
to give this momma a heart attack.

We have covered alot of new things this month

Green Beans
Apple Juice

We have also introduced the following in the way
of finger foods
 (which was very nerve wracking for the mother who is deathly scared of choking)
Whole wheat Bread

She even got to taste her first Snoball 
(for those of you up north that is just a "sno-cone")
 thanks to the 90 degree weather!

We had our first picnic lunch
first time wearing sunblock
and first time going nakey (only a diaper) in the yard

We are looking forward to going to gammies and getting in the sprinkler, swimming in some pools, and crawling.

Yes I said it.. I am excited for my girl to become mobile.. I know it means more work.. but what about all of this isnt work? She is trying pretty hard to get the hang of it.. and I think it will be soon.

Currently we are working on the third tooth (first top one).. this one.. 
way worse then the bottoms.. its very swollen, and looks like a blister
on her gums so I'm thinking it will be through any day.


Momma StJ said...

so precious! I can't believe all her teeth! Still none over here yet

Mrs. Mama said...

so sweet! growing up so fast!

californiadreamin said...

Poor baby, good luck on the tooth!! I can't believe how time flies. You always hear it, but you never really know until it's happening to you.

Momma StJ said...

Gave you an award momma :)

Shannon Dew said...

I need to get on The finger food train! Kp really just eats baby food & she's had some tastes of ice cream & mashed potatoes on easter