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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shoe Blog sale

Hey there girlfriends!!!!!!!!! As promised my blog sale is coming to you in mini parts, due to lack of time, and well its just more fun this way. The last sale went great!!!!!!!
If your interested please leave a comment or email me at There will be flat $5 shipping added to the sale! Payments will be made through paypal.

*NEW NEVER WORN* Apostrophe black stilettos size 9 $10 

Side view

Studio 1940 peep toe *only worn a few times* Size 9 $10

Side view

Prediction size 9 great condition $7

Side view


Traci said...

Dang cute shoes...if only my gigantor size 10 feet would fit into them.

Shelze said...

Are the studio 1940 shoes still available?