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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tighten it up

So here's the deal-e-o....

Summer is knocking on our door.. well not really since I had to turn my heat on last night.. but you know what I mean. Girlfriend needs to tighten it up, or all I will be wearing is long sleeves and jeans ALL SUMMER LONG.

I really.. REALLY want to start running hardcore again.. I miss it so bad..
I miss the feeling you get in your legs when you hit the 10 mile mark..
I miss feeling like I'm going to pass out when I finally get done running..
I miss being covered in sweat, and the sound of swishing water bottles..
I miss training for races..... O and running them too.

Everytime I hit the assphalt my milk supply dips like WHOA... It's so frustrating.. Any runners who read my blog and ran while breastfeeding.. please share some tips.

Anna of 5th Belle Avenue, suggested that I pump/nurse
before I run.. however.. I don't notice the lower
supply until many hours later.

I cannot wait until I am logging in 
lots of miles again.. like my college friend 

I ran while I was 7 months preggo..... and that didnt stop me.. and now breastfeeding is keeping me from running.. I'm not trying to complain but.. I am passionate about both things and its tough.

I have started up the "30 day shred" for the 6th-ish time.. I am on day 5.. Luuuuurve it.. Have you every tried it? Honestly I am NOT a fan of jillian at all.. but girlfriend knows what shes doing on the workout DVD.. only 20 minutes and I get a better workout then spending 2 hours at the gym.

I also am back on a SEMI-strict diet.. all you Breastfeeding Nazi's don't start giving me a hard time for dieting while breastfeeding.. It is not any of the crazy diets I have done in the past.. just watching my intake.. and trying to consume more clean.. live foods.

I also have decided that if you eat healthy and exercise your still going to die one day anyways   I need to consume MORE WATER.. especially since I'm breastfeeding. So I have been trying to do 100oz a day..... 100oz a day keeps thunder thighs away ....If only that were true.... That just took me back to a "Never Been Kissed Moment"... don't lie you know you've seen it 30 times before...  When the girls are getting ready for prom "Thats it just water and ex-lax till the prom"  !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also designed somewhat of a HOME workout schedule.. (If you haven't noticed by now.. I live by list's and schedules... cleaning schedule, meal planning, workout plans) Along with the shred.. Im working a different muscle group each day.. Abs, Legs, Arms, Back..... and Im proud to announce I was able to do my first "UN-ASSISTED" pull up, post baby yesterday... I was only able to do one.. but still.... pretty freakin sweet.

I also need to get a tan... I always feel better about myself when Im tan... I'm pretty sure this is the whitest I have ever been.. I used to always be tan.... and now.. well obviously other things have taken priority... but... It needs to happen.. Now I just have to decide if I should keep airbrush tanning like I have done a few times over the past few weeks.. or "fake and bake" a bit.. nothing major just enough to get some color, and clear up my skin.......... If you can't tone it.... TAN it!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I was soooo pleased with my spray tan, I'm doing that again soon! It was the best. I hate real tanning beds. Used to do it all the time. The risks aren't worth it to me anymore. Especially having a baby girl, ya know? I say spray tan it up!

Shannon Dew said...

I use l'oreal sublime and love it!!! I've recommended it to 2 friends & they've had success with it too! And only $5 so worth it!

Anonymous said...

I have started the 30day shred a few times :) The last time I stopped was because I broke my foot. Now that I am healed I want to start it again and hopefully this time get through it! I am also hitting the treadmil. Slowly I am on my way to racking up the miles!

Traci said...

When you you run do you eat more food to replace the calories your burn? You burn major calories when you run 10 miles(obviously), that's a lot of food to eat to replace it. If I workout too much and don't eat around 2500 calories my milk supply goes way down too. It seems crazy to have to eat so much. I actually am going to do a post on that today too.

Gina said...

I notice my supply dips after exercise if I don't get enough fluids. I heard the other day that the clear Gatorade hydrates you the best, but you have to drink it at room temperature. Maybe try that before/after a run?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I've never gotten a spray tan but I'm considering it big time this year. I hate feeling this pale but there's no laying out with a one year old!!

Mrs. Mama said...

i'm going spray tanning tomorrow actually... if not then this weekend! i cannot wait for summer.

as far as the running thing goes... ya... i haven't tried that out, i keep saying.. "oh i'm breastfeeding so i can't run...." i wonder what i will do when breastfeeding is over in 6 months. time to get pregnant again!

i wish i was as motivated as you :)

CookingwithVictoria said...

Oh I know what you mean girl!!!! I need to tone it up also. It is super tough to "diet" when your husband is SUPER FIT and can eat ANYTHING he wants to an never gains weight....EVER!!! I am serious, my husband has not gained weight in the last 5 years we have been together, while I fluctuate like crazy!

Jillian is a BEAST!!! OMG I CANNOT make it through workout 2, it just kills me. I also really dislike the "jump rope" part. I watch Biggest Loser EVERY WEEK with my husband and I cry so much! I just love their transformations.

I agree with you about feeling better when you are tan. I was in Orlando a few weeks ago and I got so tan and I felt confident! Have a great time "gettin' yo tan on!" lol :)