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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where I catch you up on the Milk Protein Allergy.

Many of you will remember where I talked many times regarding E's Milk Protein Intolerance. 
Basically we found out right before she turned 1 month old that "casein" a protein found in milk caused her much discomfort so much so that it aggravated her intestines and caused blood in her stool. Since I was breastfeeding that meant of course I could not consume any dairy.. sounds easy right? ... WRONG.

Do you realize how many things have dairy in them... Bread, Cookies, Chips, almost EVERYTHING on EVERY menu, at almost EVERY restaurant.  It was tough but after a while like everything else you get used to it.. I just had to read the labels on EVERYTHING, and be very careful when eating at other people houses, almost everyone cooks with butter.

My pediatrician told me that 80% of babies with this intolerance will outgrow it by 9 months old, and that once she gets to that point I should slowly try to re-introduce dairy into my diet. Well at around 7 months I was having alot of supply issues and needed to supplement, unfortunately she would not take the Silimac formula made for babies with this allergy so I had to experiment. I really didn't want her on a soy formula as I have read many articles about the overuse of soy at such a young age causing hormone imbalances. 

So I talked to the doctor and she recommended Gerber Goodstart and said lets just pretend she outgrew it.. and see what happens within 24 hours you will notice the symptoms if it is going to bother her. SO we tried it and she was taking it fine, a little bit at a time mixed with breastmilk. 

So I thought I would try eating just a tiny bit of dairy to see if she would respond, so I picked up some bread from the bakery that had milk in the ingredients, and I didn't notice any changes. So I would eat a tiny bit of cheese here or there, maybe in a salad, and have a bit of butter. I quickly notice that none of this was bothering her. 

I talked it over with my pediatrician who gave me the green light to start offering yogurt to Emmaline, and I'm pretty sure we found her new food. The girl would eat yogurt until it was coming out of her ears. She LOVES it! We have been getting the organic Stoneyfield farms Yobaby yogurt in blueberry and she eats one a day as a snack. 

Last night was the first time I gave her a few bites of cheese, and just like her momma she is addicted.. watch out baby it will show in your thighs!!!!

I am so thankful we are over that part of our journey. While it was tough. I learned alot about myself, and diets, and menu's, and what its like to live a restricted eating lifestyle. I feel so bad with people who have celiac's and must live on a gluten free diet. 

So far so good, hopefully it stays that way!


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Ashley Paige said...

YAY! what great news! Carter loves his Yobaby, too! I've started mixing it with his oatmeal in the mornings and even throwing some extra fruit in there! Go Emmaline!!