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Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 months

So here I am again baby girl, writing about you growing up even more, I know I say it every month.. but I just dont understand how you seem to be passing by each month at such speed. You really have become such an easy baby, ever since we had your tubes put in it was like night and day, I went from having a severely fussy baby, that I could not take many places, to a baby that I got compliments everywhere I go on just how happy you always are. We take you everywhere with us, you get to go out to eat pretty often and really you just love it, you usually make friends with all of the servers, managers, other patrons, and their babies. Just recently we have started spending much of our time outside in your crab pool
Girl, you are like a fish.. you would play in water all day long if I let you. 

You are becoming more like a little girl and less like a baby, you don't like to be help all that much anymore, you want to be down on the floor playing with toys, you don't understand why I can't just put you down when we are out places like target either. You have begun mimicking sounds that we make, and also blow kisses. You say dada, mama, bub-ba {dog}, baba, hi, and starting uh-oh now. 

You love to cuddle with your daddy in the mornings and eat some cereal, speaking of eating you are a very light eater... we spoke with the doctor about this but she thinks you are ok for now and will keep her eye on you. You had your first fall over on the marble floor bruise.. and mommy felt horrible for days, I still kinda do.

You love to read books, and you just talk right over me as I read them to you, as if you could just read it yourself, you love jewelry, and since nana wears it all the time you are her buddy until she tells you, that you cannot eat her jewlery anymore.

You have started taking showers with momma and you seem to love it, until its time to get out... you really just love water. Speaking of water.. just recently you have started downing 2 full sippy cups of water a day. You are a very petite little girl, weighing in at 18.5 pounds and 27.5 inches puts you right at the 50th percentile mark. You still fit into newborn size 1 &2 shoes.. I have the hardest time finding cute shoes that small. You also still wear all 6 months clothing, you have a few 9 month things but they are really too big on you, your sleepers are 6-9 month size, and your diapers size 3. 

You are no longer nursing {sad mommy} but are taking 4 bottles a day with 4-6 oz in each one, two of them have breastmilk in them, and two have gerber good start formula. You get them at 7:30, 12:30, 4, & bedtime {7-8}, however some days you do not want your 4:00 bottle. You are a very light eater some days you eat three good meals other days only a few pieces of food here or there. 

You are sleeping good, go down at 730ish and wake at 730ish, you usually wake once in the night. 

I look forward to all of your new achievements and milestones as we approach your first birthday {gah, did I really just say that?}...I love you little miss.


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

So sweet... and the pictures are absolutely precious. She is beautiful!

Britt said...

She is just the cutest!!!

Cheryl E. said...

So cute! I love the recap.

I was blowing this crab up this morning and boy did it take forever. I cant wait for him to wake up from his nap because we are going to go play!

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