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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cleaning Schedule

Ever since I posted about my love of lists & schedules I have received a handful of emails about my cleaning schedule, and menu planning so I thought I would go explain them to you a little more.

First of all I do not claim to stick to this schedule have it all together, and with a 9 month old {holy moly how is she 9 months.. wasnt she just making her debut through the birth canal like last week} becoming more mobile by the day.. I will never tell you my house is spotless or always tidy.. but I do not like clutter, or dust, or messes left for a long time. So I will introduce you to ...... 
If you don't have one.. get one..
I put E in here surrounded by lots of toys while I am cleaning.. that way I know the mess she is making cannot go beyond those 4 sides of the pen.. unless she throws a toy or two out.. but you just pop it right back in there.. it also doubles as a live toy box.. as you are cleaning any toys you find just throw them in their with the child. It has made cleaning much faster!

The next thing you will need is 
I take a basket from room to room while i'm cleaning, if there are items in one room that don't belong i throw them {hmm seems like there is alot of throwing going on when I clean, i really don't hate it that much} into the basket and as I move from room to room I can redistribute them where they go. 

Now for the schedule..
Pretty much it looks like this
~Laundry Day~
{I hate laundry, and seeing it in baskets, I know many ppl do one load a day, thats just not for me I do it all in one day. I start first thing in the morning and just keep doing loads until late at night then its done for the week, except for the occasional load because hubs is out of uniforms}
~Bathrooms ~

Every night after dinner I clean up the kitchen quickly, the dining room table, and sweep the floor. Every morning after I get ready I have a container of clorox wipes under the sink and I clean down the bathroom quickly. 

Some people like to have "cleaning day", and if that works for you ... Great!!! I prefer to do it this way.. it just fits our life better!

Now for meal planning...
Its pretty easy, I do 2 weeks at a time.. each week I plan for 1 meal of each of the following
Quick Meal
{one meal of leftovers}
{a free night for going out, or if something comes up}

Then I look through the cookbooks, and try to do at least one new recipe a week that I have not yet tried. We are not huge pork fans so I usually do one week with a pork dish the other with fish.
I'm thinking about going back to menu mondays and posting my meal plan for the upcoming week along with recipe links. But for now here are a few of our favorite recipes for each of the categories above. 
Fajitas w/ spanish rice & sweet corn cakes
baked tilapia marinated in italian dressing w/asparagus
slow cooker pork chops
Quick Meal
Lettuce Wraps


Momma StJ said...

If I had a 1/4 of your house would be spotless! Good for you being able to juggle it all

Traci said...

Oh my gosh! The traveler is genius! I hate running around from room to room to put little things back. I love the idea of just throwing things in basket and then putting all the little things away at once. Pure genius!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I love the traveler idea. I also split mine up and tackle a room each day. It works so much better!

Gina said...

I think I am going to try to do the clean-one-thing-a-day thing this summer and see how it works. I love the basket idea, too.