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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He did what???

It wasn't quite what I would call a beautiful day, I mean, yes it was beautiful if you enjoyed it from inside of your air conditioned home, and looked through the windows. Really it was more then just hot out, hot is when you need a fan, this day was miserable. At 8:00 am I checked the weather and it was already reaching the low 90's, so that should tell you something right there.. start cranking the AC NOW!!!!!!!!!

I had a few morning errands to run, I thought it would be to bad out if I did them before E's morning nap, WRONG. I should have never went anywhere that I didn't absolutely have to go to. Just walking from the house to the car, and already I started feeling the sweat beads forming on my low back, and c'mon now ladies lets be honest here, if they are forming on the lower back then we all know they had for sure already made there way between the girls, and that is just grossville.

I couldn't even put E in her car seat as it was baking, so I turned the car on and blasted the air to the Max setting, and sat in the front seat holding her until the car cooled off enough to put her in her seat without melting her legs to it. It seemed like an unusually long time for the car to cool off, and then I looked down at the thermostat reading and saw it was registering 95 degrees. We drove to the places we needed to go, and just getting out of the car, unfolding the stroller, and strapping her in it, felt like a tour of the equator.

So once we got back home, and dried off, I decided nothing was going to get us out of the house anymore today. Even the thought of  going out in the baby pool felt like torture, setting it up, filling it, sitting in a chair roasting while baby enjoyed 3 inches of now lukewarm water... nah not happening. By this time I checked my  lifeline phone and realized the temp was 100 degrees, so I starting thinking about what I would be making for dinner that would not require cooking, and would be somewhat enjoyable on this dog day of summer... whats that?? its not summer yet??? could have fooled me.. where exactly did spring go?

I ruled out everything that included even warming a burner to prepare, and came up with turkey & cheese sandwiches, sounds pretty appetizing right? It's ok one night of deli meat and cheese wont kill us, but turning on the oven on a day like this just might.

It was getting closer to the afternoon nap time, and since I had decided nothing was getting us to leave the house, I started daydreaming about how I could spend happy hour naptime, don't lie you all dream about what you can enjoy in peace during naptime.

That is until I got the phone call, the one that would change my thoughts about not leaving the house for the rest of the day. Friends called to invite us to their community pool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that calls for a celebration. So during naptime I started packing up for the pool, umm pretty much if I had to take this much stuff to the airport with me I would for sure be paying extra baggage fees, why do we need all of this stuff, snacks, sippy, bottle, towels, 3 kinds of sunblock {you can never be too careful}, pool toys, swimsuits, umbrella, floaties, and possibly even the kitchen sink.

As soon as I woke E up a bit early baby girl woke from her nap, I dipped her in a drum of sunblock, honestly I think I need to decide on how much is too much when I am cover her in sun protection, I'm not so sure why I feel the need to cover her two times with two different brands of sunblocks, even though after dressing her in sun apparel I din't think I left much of her skin even exposed without having clothing covering it.

So we had to get back into the furnace car again, but its ok cuz this time we are headed to the pool, and it's worth it for a little while. Hubs got to join us too which was exciting, but may have possibly made the trip take even longer.. thats a story for another day, we were almost at the pool, I mean literally I could see the fence around it, and ...... we had to turn around. The road got shut down for an automobile collision, so of course we had to drive 10 minutes in the opposite direction just to get to the pool from the other side.

But we finally made it there, as soon as Emmaline saw the pool, she started screaming in excitement, as I lifted the pool girl out of her carseat, I realized she now had lower back sweat as well.. poor baby.

We checked in, grabbed a seat, put up the umbrella, re-lotioned with sunblock, and were now headed to the baby pool. As soon as we got it it was refreshing, not as refreshing as the big pool probably was but at this point the thermometer at the pool was reading 106 degrees, so we were going to enjoy it.

E was having a ball, shes like a fish in water.. you would think she feels more comfortable in the water then out of it. Thankfully unlike in the bathtub, we didnt have to put earplugs in to protect her tubes, since the pool is chlorinated. We were having ourselves a grand time, the baby girls were splashing around in their swim tubes, and the husbands where in the big pool, and the sun was starting to go behind the trees, it was going to be a lovely poolside evening.

Until I heard from across the baby pool {a mom with two children} "Mommy!!!!!!!! Cohen just pooped in the pool"................. WHAT!?!?...

I turned and saw a small boy climbing out of the pool, with his bare butt, his diaper around his ankles and by this point already about a 5 foot circle of the pool turning a mucky brown color. Then the small girl exclaimed "and I think he has diarrhea". Before the next inhale even filled my lungs I snatched my girl up out of the pool, of course she started screaming because she was pissed, and I realized the night is now ruined.

The large pool can only be swam in by children ages 3 and over, and there is only one baby pool, which would now have to be cleaned and ultra shocked, and not swam in for the rest of the night! I honestly felt so bad for my sweet girl who little 9 month old brain could just not comprehend why I brought her to her most favorite place in the whole world just to yank her out after 10 minutes.

Had this child's mother not been engrossed in "face time" on her phone she may have realized her child needed a diaper change, before he changed it himself  IN THE POOL.


Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

Yuck! I can relate to the heat issues, I left work at 7:30pm the other night and the thermometer was still reading 104. Coming home from the gym at 9:00am yesterday it was already 98. And it's just starting down here, I'll be lucky if it cools before October.

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Oh that is just nasty!

Traci said...

Oh no! I have not taken Hadley to the pool yet but I am excited but a little bit overwhelmed at all the stuff I'm going to need to take.

Gina said...

Ewwww. I get so excited when we get pool invites so it would be traumatizing to have our trip ruined.