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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The dinner that wasn't

Like I had told you before, I am trying out lots of new recipes, and *IF* they turn out good I will post the recipes for you. I love to cook, and cook for many events, and have even catered a few before as well. Thats my thing organizing and cooking for events, I don't do it as a job or for money just to help friends out and I really, really enjoy it. I have always been great with following recipes, and even make up my own many times, that is until I had a baby, and have been slightly more pre-occupied with that sweet ball of energy.

I was very excited to try out a new recipe last night, it was the weight watchers grilled chicken quesadillas and homeade salsa. It thought to myself easy peasy right?... WRONG?

I started making the salsa, some thing I have done many times before, and usually just make up my own as I go along, however I was following this recipe, so I was measuring and going step by step. I had already diced up the green peppers, now it was time to chop the cilantro. I had 1 bunch of it fresh in the fridge so I pulled it out, washed it and layed it on the cutting board, the whole time trying to keep my *almost* walking child in my peripheral vision. I was going to separate the cilantro when my sweet girl puller herself up and grabbed the wallflower room freshener out of the outlet and was about to put it in her mouth, I took it from her, pulled her back into my sight, and she got mad that I took her new found toy and threw her head back, and you guessed it hit it on the floor and started crying. so I kissed the boo-boos, gave her some *real* toys and we were back in salsa making business.

Without even thinking twice about it, I chopped up the entire bunch of cilantro threw it in the bowl and then poured in the corn and the diced tomatoes.... it was while I was stirring the bowl I realized the mistake I had made... in my preoccupied state. Instead of chopping and adding 2tsp of cilantro I had added about 15 tsp. I thought, we love cilantro how bad could it be.... 1 word HORRIBLE..

So I thought I would start on the quesadillas, too bad I never took the chicken out of the freezer to thaw, I thought I could put in the micro on de-frost, but I really hate doing that.. it always ruins the taste.

So to make a long story even longer.... I got upset, because I never do this kinda thing, or at least I never used to do it. So there is no recipe to share, since dinner last night ended up being Bang-Bang shrimp at Bonefish Grill.

O well tomorrow is another day!


Megan said...

Oh you poor thing :( That can happen with active moving children! Hope you get to try it again soon!

Cheryl E. said...

Oh gosh, I feel ya girl. I cant tell you how many stupid things I have done to mess up recipes all because I am trying to keep my eyes and ears open for the man. Oh well...bang bang shrimp it is !

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

I hate when meals get messed up! My poor husband last week, I made his favorite, homemade chicken fingers, just to steal a bite while waiting for him to come to the table, and realized my nose hadn't been messing with me in the heat, the chicken really was bad, so Pei Wei Crispy Honey Chicken takeout it was!