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Friday, July 15, 2011

Its' the freakin weekend..

Baby.. I'm about to me some fun..

except I'm Not...booo..

House is still a torn up mess, and my clean freak, germ-a-phobe self cannot handle it much longer. Seriously.. people I feel dirty in my own house with all of this dust, and drywall, and shopvacs sitting around. 

I thought I should tell you I have some pretty Suh-weeeet giveaways coming up for you guys, however.. now that I am back to somewhat of a normal schedule, and have been able to get my work-from-home life sorted, I have been trying to get back to some normal blogging, and not just giveaways every other day, however they did help me get though that portion of time where I coudln't blog much. 

Emma has been getting more and more sure of herself on the full speed ahead idea in the mobility department, she really has her self convinced that she CAN walk, and then takes a step on her own, looses her balance and looks at me like I did it.  This girl has NO fear whatsoever.. she tries to jump off of everything, climb on everything, and eats everything. 

She does not like to be alone very much though, she is all about being in the action, If I am cooking she wants to sit on the floor beating on pots and pans, and if I am getting ready in the morning she wants to chew on the brushes.

The past few days have been a challenge to sty out of the house most of the day due to construction and miss naps, O so not fun... now I realize just how much I really do love naps...

Also having to be out all the time means not such healthy meals and I sure am hoping that does not show when it comes to weigh in on sunday....

Yesterday we took dinner to a friend who recently delivered twin boys. They are just darling, and O so tiny.. they are almost 6 weeks old and just 6 pounds each, all wrinkly, and make the sweetest little grunts. I forgot what it felt like to hold 6 pounds, and compared to 19 pound child, it feels pretty much like you are not holding anything. 

It made me miss the newborn days, BUT not enough to revisit them any time soon. 

I have some new recipes to share with you next week, as well as a few photos!

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