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Monday, July 25, 2011

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"That was umm strage" category 

Was sitting in Starbucks with hubs last week, baby girl was at home with a sitter {out with no baby, and we chose Sbucks.... lame... I know} anyway we were sitting near the front of the store by the windows.. There was a couple sitting at the table next to us, looked like two very artsy peeps in mid thirties. They were chatting, and laughing.. while a younger Asian woman was a the table in front of us, by herself working on a laptop. I noticed a  much older man from across the room approach the Asian woman by putting his hand on her shoulder, which of course freaked the poor girl out, he handed her a piece of paper.. looked like a yellow post-it folded in half, and motioned to the couple sitting next to us. The man then gathered his things and exited the coffee shop. 

Just a few short minutes later the woman who had been sitting in front of us, got up from her table walked to the couple at the table next to us, and said " There was a man in here, he wanted me to give you this", and handed the couple the folded paper, and then also walked out of the store. 

The two opened the paper, and then the woman started to chuckle, as she said " O my God what a weirdo". The guy she was with kept repeating the same phrase "that was really strange". The got get silent for a while and then laughed again. The woman headed for the bathroom as the man walked to the counter to order pastries. 

Of course hubs and I just watched this whole thing go down, so I'm sure you know the thought running through my head.. I must find out whats written on that paper. Hubs kept leaning his chair farther and farther back to try and read it, finally he was able to figure it out, the note read:

Call me if you are looking 
for a more interesting conversation
(xxx) xxx-xxxx :-)

I couldn't believe it, what a silly way to give someone your number, not to mention the chick was obviously already on what appeared to be a date. 


Cheryl E. said...

Oh my! How odd! Maybe he was looking for a 3some??

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Very strange!

KLaw said...

Holy cow! That's pretty ballsy of that guy. So props for that. But totally creepy!