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Friday, July 29, 2011

too fast

I realize I cannot keep my "baby" a baby for her whole life.. but seriously this is all happening too fast.. its like everyday she becomes more independent and needs me a whole lot less.  How did we go from bringing a tiny little girl who depended on us for EVERYTHING to now being just shy of 5 weeks away from the first birthday? She is soooo close to walking, I know its going to be really soon, she is not happy with crawling now the thing that excites her the most is pulling up to stand on everything, and walk while holding on to things.. {How long between that and unassisted steps was it for your child?}

She feeds herself, talks all the time, and tells me real words like.. "uh-oh" and "all done" and "more"....

I'm honestly not trying to get all sappy but.. I seriously just don't know where the year has gone. I remember those early newborn days.. what am I saying I do not remember much of them, due to the insanely low amount of sleep, I remember some of the highlights.. but I do not remember their being enough time to say its been a year since she was born.

I held a friends newborn the other day who was born at 7.5 pounds which is actually larger then E was at birth.. but holding him I kept telling myself. there is no way my baby was every this small I just dont remember it. seems like there is alot of Not Remembering going on over here could I have amnesia???

To keep this post from being repetitive and sappy.. I'm completely changing gears here....

                Just thought you may want to know about the post's that are in the works...

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I was also thinking about organizing a fall themed blogger swap.. who would be interested?


Lyryn said...

It all goes way to fast... pretty crazy. So sad.

Gina said...

My friend's baby had torticollis. I told her it sounds like a yummy Italian dish!

Lucy Marie said...

It sure DOES go too fast. My E is just over 10 months now and I cannot believe we're nearing the 1 year mark.

And about your walking question ... mine's been walking alone furniture and holding onto our hands for like 3 months and hasn't taken her first steps yet. You may have more time than you think. But then again, she may stand up and start running tomorrow.