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Saturday, July 9, 2011

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The Wonderful world of bumps and bruises!!!

Emmaline has been pulling her self up on everything, literally if its in our house, odds are she has tried to pull herself up on. The couch, sliding glass door, cabinets, chairs, table, vanity, crib, glider, bedframes.

Some things hold her weight, others notsomuch.

She is getting pretty good at it, and I encourage it, since that is of course the way she learns. The problem comes when she has pulled herself up and then thinks she has mastered walking which, I can tell you.. SHE HAS NOT.

She will just let go, and shift her body weight try to take a step and down she goes. I do realize that on the journey of learning how to walk one must take a few face plants.. but I do try to protect her as much as I can. 

This morning I was making my bed, she was on the other side of it, pulling herself up, and having a pretty hard time, as she was using the comforter as support for standing up.. 

she finally did it, I like all moms cheered her on for her accomplishment, she got a huge smile on her face, and went to clap, which we all know involves letting go of the bed, and faster then I could get around the corner of the bead, I heard a bang and she was on the floor, only after her head came in contact with the foot board of my bed (why it is the heads always bump into everything and not like the forearm, or her thighs..with all the rolls on those babies she would never feel a thing).

Upon hearing the bump & cry almost simultaneously I pretty much dove over the bed, grabbed her but wasn't sure at that point what had hit, until the tears finally stopped and I saw the bump forming on her forehead. 

Im sure people without children have thought of calling CPS on me with all the bruises my kid gets, but  everytime I run into another "seasoned" mom she takes one look at E's head and says.. wont be too much longer she will be walking!!!!!!


Susie said...

My friend and I were talking about this recently - since Naomi always has bruises all over her. She said that her pediatrician is more worried about kids without bruises, because this means they don't play. :) The bruises will get worse as she starts to walk and there will be a point where her forehead will be the same height as the corners of your counters and dinner table (two different heights obviously). Those were by far the worse bruises. But they live and learn :)

Momma StJ said...

A had a black and blue eye last weekend, and a fat lip today!! AUGH. my heart can't handle the stress!

Cheryl E. said...

Aw poor baby girl. Hope her head is feeling better:)

californiadreamin said...

Isn't that crazy? Troy has been getting scratches lately. No matter how much I cut his toe nails, he will get his legs all scratched up due to him rubbing his feet up and down his legs. Or he'll find a way to scratch his face on a SOFT toy! What the heck?! lol