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Monday, August 8, 2011

A fluffy Post

When I first started cloth diapering I really didn't know what on earth I was doing. In fact.. I got a diaper cover, took the prefolds we were using as burp towels and thought that was all I needed.. I didn't realize how many different kind of diapers, and diapering systems there were. I had no idea what a diaper sprayer, or disposable liners, or a wet bag even was, or that I may need any of these things. 

As time went on, and I realized there is no way cloth diapering should be this difficult, I knew there was just something I was missing. so I started researching, and found out lots. I started trying all different kind of diapers, from AIO(All in ones), covers, AI2(inserts), and many other things. 

There are a few things I have found and decided upon so I am sharing them with you. The brands I have chosen to speak about are not sponsoring this post.. these are just my favorites or not so favorites thus far, and Im passing along the info.

 Pink top left- BABYLAND OS w/insert and snaps.
Green top right- Fuzzybuns OS w/insert and snaps.
Strawberry Shortcake bottom- AIO handmade SS w/ velcro.

Right now my altime favorite diaper is FUZZIBUNZ these are the ones that I think works the best for E, have yet to leak, and dry quickly. I prefer snaps.. Fuzzibunz (along with other brands) offer OS(one size) cloth diapers. A one size diaper can fit a newborn up to potty training but snapping it different ways. To me this is wonderful since you do not have to buy different sizes as baby grows. 

I have a few BABYLAND diapers which is from the original company Papoose.. I do like these however no matter how many doublers (extra absorbency) I put in them overnight she still leaks, so these diapers are only for daytime. The Babyland diapers can be found on ebay for pretty cheap, and come with 1 insert. 

I purchased the AIO velcro SS(Super soaker) from a handmade shop on ebay, and while I do like the diaper I AM NOT fond of velcro.. just a personal preference. 

This may just be the cheapest route to go, however its more work involved. There are a few different kind of prefolds, but they resemble the "old style" cloth diapers.. you know the ones with pins... {True story: to appear on the blog soon, about a pin mishap involving cloth diapers and me as a baby}

I use the PROWRAP covers, I usually change the prefold out 2-3 times if its only urine before putting a new cover on.. I do like these covers because they have leg gussets which keep baby bottom leak free!
 Just like AIO's and inserts, covers contain a layer of PUL inside of them which is polyurethane laminate that keeps the fluids from leaking, it can also be sterilized under VERY high heat to clean and will hold up. There are a few different ways to fold a prefold however I usually fold one side over the other, then lay baby on top and bring it up just like "old style" cloth diapering fan out the top and cover with diaper cover. 

I also have a diaper cover from BABY BEE HEAVEN that I really love.

Fuzzibunz come with 2 inserts, one is a bit shorter and the other longer, during the day I use just one insert and can usually go about 3 hours in them or longer including being worn through naptime, over night I just add the second insert to double the absorbency.. the diaper will look huge but does not leak.   
 One of my favorite things about the fuzzibunz OS diapers is the ability to change the side not only using the snaps but the is a numbering system on the leg elastic which can also be changed to give you the best fit for your size baby.
 Before starting Fuzzibunz with inserts I was usuing all in ones(AIO)... at the time I thought they were great, and I realize alot of people really like them, I had the hardest time getting them really dry since the center could not come out. No matter how I washed them or how long they hung on the line they always had the smell of a dirty dishwrag from not drying enough. 
this diaper can be found at Little Bare Bum Wear 

Shortly after a few trips changing cloth while we were out I realized my need for a Wet Bag, this is a bag that can be taken on the go that is lined with the PUL I spoke of earlier, it keeps anything from leaking out into your diaper bag, or purse... once home the wet bag can go right into the wash with the diapers. 

I have this wet bag and love it, it holds alot of diapers and can be found at Lil Stuff by Kelly lulu

I also recently ordered a hanging wet bag from planet wise, to keep diapers in until washing them.

I wash me diapers about every 3 days, and by then I am about out of clean diapers, I let them soak in a pail then wash, and they go right outside to be hung.. the diapers with inserts do dry pretty well, of course the insert is what takes most of the time, the prefolds come off the line really crunchy so I just through them in the drying for about 8 minutes to fluff them back up. 

I use Rocking Green detergent to wash diapers in. 

Do you use cloth diapers? I would love to hear any tips you may have.


Lucy Marie said...

I love love love cloth diapering. I'm so glad I chose to do it. I bought mine before she was born, and went with the Motherease OS system. I love them. They are fabulous quality. I have never had a leak or anything. I do wish I had taken more time to research different styles and brands. The ones I got are bulky and don't have cute patterns ... I know that's not the most important part, but I see these cute ones you're posting about and wish I had some like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the article.. I may do this with the next one.. My mom did this for all of us, and I have yet to be sold on it... But next time around I will start this--around month 6....once all the crazy poops, and multiple diaper changes are slowing down. We are gonna put a clothesline up soon..ill shop to it then..very informative and a time/money saver.. thanks

otherbutterfly said...

I love fuzzi bunz. That's what we wear all day everyday!!! No leaks. We rock the rockin green too!!! We use it for all laundry!!!

Jennie said...

Good to hear your thoughts & tips! I have a few friends that cloth diaper and had been for a couple of years before I had Liana. So I had their input and experience to help me get started. I use bumgenius diapers exclusively. I have also heard really good things about fuzzibuns and they look exactly like the bumgenius 5.0s that I use. They have the 2 different length inserts and are snap adjustable. Awesome! I use a diaper pale & a planetwise diaper pale liner. I wash mine every 2 days. Hang dry the covers and use the dryer for the inserts. We have no clothesline, but I plan to do that next summer:) I also have 2 planetwise wet bags for on-the-go. I eventually gave up putting her in cloth overnight. I found that she kept peeing through so I decided to buy 12-hr pampers diapers and put her in one of those overnight so I'm not waking up and changing her diaper in the middle of the night. That way I only use one disposable a day and it has worked out well for me. I never tried doubling them and I don't know why so I just might give that a shot. Why not? :)
Enjoy your adventure!