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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



I'm happy to report that I lost another 1/2 pound, which is better then gaining but not what I want.... so I'm hitting the trail again.. it's time to start loggin some maj-ay miles on my shoes... whats even better.. is well to be honest the more miles I run the higher my calories can be for the day, which means I can enjoy some of the things I have been passing up!!!!!! {I mean if we are being honest}

I have joined a local running group with some of my girlfriends and we are meeting up tonight to get going.. its pretty hot out.. but at least the humidity is down, and most of the trail is shaded... 

I have stopped doing the Shred... to be honest, as much as I loved it.. I was getting bored with the same workout circuit every day... 

Now... just because I am being honest here.. I will tell you that i have not ran AT ALL in over 2 weeks and even then it was about 2 miles.. very slow... however I am joining friends tonight to go for the distance of a 5K... which I have not done since E was born {almost 1 year}.... but thats ok.. it's mind over matter, one foot in front of the other..... I used to run 13 miles at a time.. I can do this.... I hope...  If you don't hear from me for a while you will know I didn't make it, and the trail won :)

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Jen Watts said...

good luck honey!! I really could have almost written this post myself except for the 13 miles part ;)
My running has been so sporadic and I haven't done much over 2-3 miles since Carsyn either..and it was really really slow. I never thought I'd be an exercise slacker but I am. There, I said it! You are inspiring me to get out there more!!!