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Saturday, January 21, 2012


This morning we started the Avocare 24 day challenge... We took measurements, stepped on the scale and pulled out the schedule. A typical day looks like this...

wake up
1 cup of spark
2 capsules of catalyst
--wait 30 min
1 fiber drink
followed by 8oz water
then a breakfast of protein and fruit

2.5-3 hours later snack of fruit

Lunch protein, veggies, fruit, nuts

2 caps catalyst
2.5-3 hours later snack

1 cup of spark


pack of pills with amino acids


packet of cleanse pills right before bed


Anna said...

I'm curious to see how well you do on it...obviously I couldn't do it now but maybe after the baby comes??? Keep us posted!

Traci said...

Is this a cleanse that your bought? It actually sounds somewhat manageable since you get fruit and nuts.

a2zbaby said...

Lovely post, I always like such kind of posts

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