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Friday, April 20, 2012

The insanity of it all

However there will be no Insanity involved !!!!

I thought I would do an update as to my workout, and healthy eating plans.... I have just been asked to be a coach & captain  for a local Biggest loser competition, I will be recording the contestants weight, and revealing them to the group as well as working with different contestant if they need it, on workouts, and meal plans... I am very excited!!!!!

I am back to running a few times a week, our new neighborhood has great running trails, and I am on day 20 of the "300-ab challenge, 30 days to a rock solid core" which I have noticed a HUGE difference in my abs, lines, definition, tone, and muscles have all appeared .... I even have hip lines now!!!!!

I am also doing a "fit test yourself strong challenge" in which each day you increase the reps you were able to do on certain exercises from the day before to get to 50...

Squats 50
push ups 16
dips 15
sit ups 35
plank 1.5 mins

I am still counting calories on *myfitnesspal* love that app!!!!

right now I start every morning with a meal replacement protein shake, along with Advocare's Spark, and catalyst.... their products are amazing and I can see them working!!!!

I will update more soon!

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Shannon Dew said...

I need to hear more about this 300 ab challenge!