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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Im giving one last shot at losing the least few pounds to get me to my goal weight, it just so happens that I started lifting weights, right around the same time that I was just a few pounds from my original set goal weight. Im not super concerned about it, either I get there or I don't, I really just want to loose a little extra fat here and there... so after hearing the results of a friend I am trying a 4 day Protein shock diet, pretty much it's just protein every day, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, protein shakes. we shall see how this goes... I will of course still take all of my supplements, catalyst, leptilean, and thermoplus... heres to hoping this gets me to that number that makes me smile, even if it doesn't I'm still going to smile because I am much stronger, and leaner then I have ever been!!!

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Gina said...

Go slow...a lot of protein is hard to digest! Lack of protein is my big issue too. :(