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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back on the fit train.

Well I had a phone convo with the trainer today, basically discussing my goals, my motivation, the equipment I am using, etc.

She is working on a new routine for me, along with a diet plan..  but I already got lots of great info.

She explained that my plateau is most likely b/c my body has adapted to well to my training program, she feels as though I an no longer burning the amount of calories during a run as when I first started running since my body is more conditioned now as running. Her thought for me is high intensity cardio mixed into a weight lifting plan. I love lifting and have noticed my body responds well to weights, so I am excited to do even more with that.

an interesting fact that she cleared up for me, when trying to loose weight, you obviously need a calorie deficit.. so she has put me on a strict 1200 calorie diet, and no more then 30g of sugar. However I was always under the impression that I should be eating more if I worked off a bunch of calories, and she said for optimal fat burning and pounds to be loss, that 1200 is all I get and whatever I burn off is extra, she said that now having cleared this up I may see a drastic loss this first week... Uh yes.. I would LOVE that.

So here is how today went...

Protein shake for breakfast.. I use AMP

A you-pick-two combo from panera for lunch including a low calorie sandwhich and the poppyseed salad, also low cal.

Dinner- I mixed up a bunch of fruits and veggies that I already had and made a salad out of that.

I am working on high protein meals.. nothing white, and low sugar/carbs, as well as 3 liters of water a day!

WORKOUT: 1 mile run, squats, calves, and abs.

any healthy high protein meals you would like to share???

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Susie Sams said...

I've been ODing on beans lately - any kind. Beans in place of meat in nearly everything. Black bean burgers, pinto beans with taco seasoning over a salad, chickpeas. Matt can't do beans, so instead is eating a lot of light chunk tuna packed in water. Easy to throw on a salad, or a piece of whole wheat bread.