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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A little mama shopping!!!

Of course it's no lie that after having a child, you may return to your pre-preggo weight but it will never be the pre-preggo body, your hips are in different places, your boobs are in different places.. eh, you get the idea. With that being said, I also have been running again, and I have been lifting ALOT. Now that "winter like" weather is upon us, mama needed to update her wardrobe just a bit... Wanna see what I got...

Now just so I don't freak you out, none of these photos are of me, they are all shots from the companies that I made the purchases from!

I follow them on Facebook and of course get sucked right in when they post a new item, or a flash sale. 

Love just about everything they post!
This Tunic was only $14.99.. can't beat that! I wore it today with black leggins and taupe boots 

Have you shopped Kiki La'Rue... well you should!!!
Here is what I just ordered!

I cannot wait for these to come in, and of course just today she advertised her new arrivals, now I have a wish list!!!!

Have you purchased from any of these boutiques? What did you get? 

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