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Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's HOT!
today my car temperature read 104 degrees
thats too far past "summer" and too close to the equator 
Summer is no fun when it's too hot to even go to the pool 
I started sweating walking from my front door to my car, all 12 steps

As I sit here typing this from my climate controlled living room, I am reminded as our pastor once mentioned... I AM RICH...

Rich?!?! you might ask, but yes, my true, honest answer must be YES! At this point you must be asking what profession I am in to so easily consider oneself rich, but, in all truthfulness my profession or that which education training has labeled me would not define the richness that has touched my life...

You see... I

- Easily walked over to my thermostat on my wall and lowered it to a chill 71 degrees to cool the house before turning in for the night, while many other families in the world will be sharing their one room house with multiple family members in the sweltering heat, not even knowing that a climate controlled house is even an option. 

- Multiple times today I walked to the refrigerator and then with the the help of the microwave, or stovetop prepared my daughter all 3 meals and 2 snacks using fresh, clean, safe foods. There was even some food that got thrown away, and she was full.. never complaining of hunger pains. 

- I then got in my personally owned vehicle that has well over a days worth of gasoline and drove to the store, just to look around... 

- I fully dressed both by daughter and myself in clean, appropriate fit sizes

- Inside of my home, I spoke freely of politics, religion, personal beliefs, and the like without fear of the government controlling those things..

This is how I know that I am blessed, and why I should stop complaining, since I have MANY things that well over half of the world have only ever dreamed of, or have known about... I must remind myself everyday to count my blessing, that God for each and every thing he has done for me, and be thankful, and then to pass that on to others...

My mission this month is to spread joy, through random acts of kindness and while I have failed to succeed in this every day, I am certainly trying!!!! 


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