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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You can't possibly keep them all

While I was pregnant, everyone gave me baby clothes, both new and used. Some just an outfit here or there, while others passed along multiple trash bags full of clothes. Before E was even born she had a closet full of clothes from size preemie to 4T. We were certainly blessed!! Since being born every few months someone else would give us another bag of grown out of clothing, as well as new clothes purchased for her here and there.

I had enough clothes to dress triplets throughout all of the seasons without even repeating lots our looks. When she was small I had a hard time getting rid of anything, and kept filling bins as we went from 0-3, then 6M, then 12M, now are to 3T, and while I still do keep my favorite outfits for the possible next child, we have now filled, about 10 large rubbermaid bins in our garage, and under the steps...

So the questions comes, what do you do with them? I have recently started dropping a few outfits to a local consignment store, then once they sell I have store credit and can get something in a larger size for her, others I still keep in bins, while lots I have been giving away to friends with new baby girls, or girls younger then Emma.

What is the norm? Do you keep everything your child ever wore? Do you give away, donate, sell? How much should one keep or give, and now with my luck after storing a garage full of outgrown clothes if I ever do have enough, I bet it will be a boy!!!

Speaking of that little girl...

How on earth did she turn 3, I mean seriously... all these clothes suddenly got so big, I remember folding 6 month clothes and thinking she had gotten so big...

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"B" said...

Well my daughter is not even close to three yet (well ok getting closer daily) but I have TONS AND TONS AND TONS. I have donated alot, mostly all that were donated to her. I have a box to take to a local consignment shop and I also have rubbermaid containers FULL of my favorites adn some things that would work for a boy. WHITE WHITE WHITE:)