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Friday, March 26, 2010


today I ran 4.5 miles since getting pregnant.. let me catch you up to speed.. in early pregnancy I had a baby scare at first my Dr. thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy, so I was rushed to the hospital for testing, and that was negative.. then she thought I had a small hemorrhage inside of my uterus, so she banned me from running all together... SHE's NOT A RUNNER.. nor does she know what that does to a runner to just stop cold turkey like that. I was miserable for weeks... then I started to do my own research and realized that once I was cleared by the Dr. that baby was o.k. then it's actually worse for my body to stop something I was doing all the time, then to keep going. so I expressed my concerns to her and then around 11 weeks she cleared me to run again. So I am slowly working my way back to where i was. I feel much better now running, I sleep better, and fir in my jeans better.. I'm still wearing my non-maternity, pre-preggo size 5's and I am determined to stay in them.. we will see

So back to the beginning.. today I ran 4.5 miles and was very proud of myself!!!!!!! before pregnancy I was running 7-8 miles 4 times per week and one 10-12 mile run a week. I may never get back to that while preggo but I sure do enjoy whatever I can do!

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