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Monday, April 12, 2010

Turkey & Veggie Meatloaf

Turkey & Veggie Meatloaf
1 lb. of ground turkey
1 egg
1/4C seasoned breadcrumbs
1/2C crushed ritz crackers
1/2 C shredded or chopped carrots
1/4 C chopped onions
1/4 C diced tomatoes
1/4 C 2% milk
1/4 C shredded american cheese part skim
1/2 C chopped red/yellow peppers
Combine all ingredients and cook @ 350 for 60 minutes. 10 minutes before it's done remove and cover the top with 1/4 C ketchup mixed with 3 Tbsp. light brown sugar and return to the oven

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MV said...

YUM! But who is this? You don't have your name or any profile up. :) Noticed you are following me :)