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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birth Story Part 1

*Please be aware ths is the raw story National Geographic Style!!!!!!!!! I will write it in a few parts since I'm doing it all one handed :-)

Friday September 3rd I woke to contractions, not BH but a stronger kind enough to wake me from my sleep. I of course being less then a week from my due date got very excited that today would be the day. I got up and got in the shower, because of course if it is the day I need to look good for all the pictures. as soon as I got out of that hot shower they stopped. I started bouncing on my birthing ball, and walking , they never really returned until 10:30pm and boy did they hurt.

The contractions were now 9-11 minutes apart, and about 40 seconds long... so I started writting them down they stayed consistent all night, which in turn meant I got no sleep. I called my Dr. around 3 am and explained the situation. The Doctor told me that while it sounded like I was in labor, it was not full active labor and to call her back when the contractions were less the 5 minutes apart and lasting more then 60 seconds, for more then 1 hour.

so we decided to go to the mall and walk, and we walked, and walked, and then walked a little more. so much so that the people at the kiosk's didnt even offer their product to us anymore. the contractions startedto pick up, every 6 minutes.. I would stop grab onto the wall and breath it out. We grabed a bite to eat but I couldnt really eat much since I was so excited that I could be holding my baby in a few hours... Boy do I wish I would have eaten more.

After the mall my husband parked outside of Bestbuy I stayed in the car and he ran in. At this point they were coming sooner together, and I decided to call the on call doctor back again. She said I sounded much more like true labor now and to go to L & D. (Having been a L & D nurse.. I thought I would be totally cool with this) NOT.. I started getting very nervous. I showed up they put me in a triage room and hooked me to the monitors. The Nurse came in to explain that I was not having any contractions, she was saying this while I was breathing through another one. I looked at her and said "Are you crazy, or wait am I crazy?".

The Nurse proceeded to tell me that nothing was showing up onthe monitors. I told her stay in the room for 4 more minutes and she will see me have another one. She waited and put her hands on my abdomen and said she could feel it but without it showing up on the monitor that meant they were not strong enough to dialate me. So they suggested that I walked the halls of the unit for 1 hour and then get back on the monitor.

So we walked, and sure enough they kept coming every 6 minutes. When the hour was over I went back on the monitor and it was the same story again, nothing was showing up on the monitor. I started to think I was losing my mind, there was no way I was making this up. The pain was strong, and I was getting exhausted. at this point I had been awake having contractions for almost 24 hours. The Doctor came and checked me again (8:00pm), and said at this point she would have to send me home. She said if only things would show up on the monitor then they would admit me. She did say I was showing progress, and that she would expect to see me back around 2 am with either much stronger contractions or my water will have broken from the irregular contraction pattern.

I was crushed, I was in pain, and I was tired. we got back in the car and started to drive home all the while I was still have contractions about 5 minutes apart. we grabbed dinner and went home. My mom came over to stay the night so my husband could get some sleep. All night long th e came 4-5 minutes apart and very painful, I sat on the couch and worked my way through them. Then sometime around 3a they got as close as 3 minutes apart and I got worried that I would have that baby on the couch, so again I called the doctor.. worried that she would say I still wasnt ready to be admitted.....

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