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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birth Story Part 2

I called and sure enough she told me to come on in to L & D. So we got in the car, grabbed the hospital bag and headed to L & D. On the ride there the contractions were getting closer and I was getting worried. It was dark out and my husband was (not out of the ordinary) speeding, and before you know it there was red & blue lights flashing behind us. All the years my husband has been a cop and this is the first time he has gotten pulled over. I was having strong contractions, he was carrying.. and I though to myself "seriously"!!!!!!!!?????

He told me don't worry I'm sure I know him and we will be on our way in a minute..... the officer started to approach the car and noticed it was my husband driving. He started to strike up a convo when my husband interrupted him and said "dude... she in labor", he then said O then you better go, and quickly... I will radio to let the other Officers know not to stop you.... (thank you for the brotherhood of blue bloods).

We got to the hospital and between parking and walking in I had to stop every few steps for a contraction. we checked in they hooked me to a monitor.. and there was NOTHING!!!!!!!!! Although everyone around me could tell I WAS IN LABOR FOR REAL!!!!!!!

I started to cry in between hard breathing and said " I know your just going to send me home again but if you do I'm sure I will be having this baby at home". They checked me and sure enough, these contraction were the kind to dilate me since I was now at a 4. The nurse called the Doctor and came back in and said those magical words..... "We are going to admit you, congratulations... your going to have a baby".

They put me in a room as it was time for shift change, the new nurse came on and of course looked at the monitor and said " Hmmmm why aren't you having contractions?" she then looked at me and said " Machine must be broken, cuz you sure are having them". Finally somebody was thinking logically. They were asking me how I wasnted to handle pain management... I replied " O I think I can do this naturally" ( spoken like a real first timer huh?).

The doctor came in and broke my water.. which is by far one of the strangest feelings I have ever had. As soon as she did that, the contractions doubled in pain.. those suckers HURT. The Nurse came in with a form and said since you are declining the Epidural I need you to sign this form which stated that if we have to do an emergency C-section you will have to be put under.

"WHAT" there is no way ... so I decided to do the epi. I sure wish I knew the amount of time between ordering an epidural and actually getting one or I would have asked for that upon check in. By the time the Anistethiologist (sp) came in I was super uncomfortable... so I really don't remember anything he said except for the part about " Don't move for the next 60 seconds or you could be paralyzed".

After that was in place and the meds were pumping, I was happy. I really should have slept since I have now been up for over 40 hours straight, but instead I decided to engage in convo with everyone who was coming to see me.. bad decision.

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Danielle & Josh Tavares said...

LOVE your story so far!! So funny with the Epidural! With Zachary I waited a long time to get it, then it took the guy 45 minutes to come, he screwed it up which made me numb on only one side then by the time he got it right, I slept for 6 hours!! I wonder why the contractions always hurt so bad after the water breaks? Do you know medically why?