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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1 month


Emmaline, you are one month old today! You are growing in so many ways I can't even believe it. You are awake alot more now, you are holding your head very well, and starting to coo. You defiantly do NOT like wearing a dirty diaper, and you let everyone know it.

Right now you are dealing with some tummy issues, so you are a bit fussy. It makes Mama sad to see you in pain. Everynight your dad and I pray that Jesus will heal your tummy and help you to grow strong.

You eat every two hours during the day, and at night between 3-5 hours, however it's usually more of the 3 and less of the 5.

You already have your Daddy wrapped around your finger, however he gets sad that he can't comfort you the way mommy does.

You love your swing, and all things black and white.. icluding your favorite thing to gaze at... the ceiling fan.. you will look at it for 20 minutes straigt.

You are now 9.13 pounds, and 20 3/4 inches long

75th percentile for weight, 50th for height, and 25th for your little head...


all that good milk has caused you to have not just a double chin.. but sometimes there are three little rolls under there.

We love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you. We are so excited to watch you grow, and all the exciting things you will get to experience.

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Jen Watts said...

What a beauty she is! I am going stir crazy sitting at the house and am ready to get back to work. I work with my dad so I can take off as much as needed, but I would go back this week if I were getting more rest. Carsyn is so inconsisent, some nights she'll sleep 3 hours in between feedings and some nights as little as 1/2 hour. I do not know how working moms do it.

I am so excited to watch little Emmaline grow :)