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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fat's where it's at

.... and baby i've got some of that!

Thats right this sunday my baby will be 6WEEKS OLD... i didn't think this would ever come, but it has. Let me tell you, everyone was right once you get to 6 weeks things just start to get easier. Here's one thing thats not gettin any easier.. steppin on the scale.

I need to loose this baby weight. You know those people who have 10 pound babies, then after they get home they only have to loose 5 more pounds until pre pregnancy weight.. well thats not me. I had a 6 pound baby, and have way more then 5 pounds too loose.

On sunday I will be writing a very REAL post about my weight, and post preggo body.. which honestly I am not horribly ashamed of, of course I wouldn't be on a runway in a bikini but then again I did just have a baby 5 weeks ago, and I think I look pretty good for that.

I am back into all regular clothes.. no maternity. they are not my pre preggo clothes, they are the bigger clothes I wore before my dramatic weight loss last year.

I will post my weekly updates just like I did if you followed my old blog when i was working on loosing weight the last time around. Im sure it will take longer this time since I have a baby, I wont be able to LIVE in the gym, running 8-10 miles every other day, but I will work on it.

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5th Belle Avenue said...

I can't believe it's already been six weeks since you've had her!!